Plane: "Playing as before the Getafe, we saved 100%"

The player who made the penalty in the discount against the locals speaks of "clean his head" and appreciates the support of his teammates and the blanquivioleta fans.

Óscar Plano, player of Real Valladolid, was the image of the desolation after the match against Getafe, since in the last play of the game he committed a penalty that took the work of the whole team to the brink. The Spaniard is still touched: "I spent a few days fucked because I feel we lost two points in the last play in which I make an avoidable penalty, but hey, we are trying to clean the head, clean everything. There are games to achieve the goal and with confidence to get this out, "he explained that just commit the failure realized:" It happens to you all over your head, that a game we had controlled from start to finish, we were three gold points, I was screwed, it seems that we throw all the work "and acknowledged that" we are cleaning the head, my colleagues, the coaching staff have helped me a lot, there are still six finals and I need to get this forward ".

El The player explained that "I always want the week to go fast to do what we like most, which is to compete. Despite this failure, I have the same desire as always to do my best, to help my colleagues. Surely if we make a game like the weekend will surely bring something positive. "

Plano believes that, despite having conceded five goals in the last minutes of the last four games, we should not give more importance:" If it's true that in the last minutes we are fitting, we know, we work to solve it. I think they are the circumstances of the game, before we fit in the beginning and now we do it in the end. We need to improve. In these six games we play our lives and try to pass as little as possible "and denied that the team gets back by order of Sergio:" Never tells us to get back, in the end keep the score in First is complicated, the team you play a lot When we see that we have a result in favor we want to protect it. Sometimes we get it and, sometimes, we do not "and he remembered that" we from the beginning of the season knew that we were going to suffer and we have to have enough confidence and personality to get this forward, it's not all lost ".

The striker blanquivioleta believes positive that there may be more teams involved in the fight for the decline: "Against more teams involved, more chances that we are not there. The more equipment there is, for us, the better. There will be direct confrontations, which will come in handy for us, and there are teams that thought they were not going to be down there and, in the end, they are "and assured that" if we maintain the level of this last match I have 100% sure that we are going to save ".

Plano explained that Jaime Mata, at the end of the game, gave him a lot of encouragement:" He told me that I head up, that there are many games left. They knew that with the match we had made against them, it is very difficult for us to descend. I have a good relationship with Mata, great friend, last year we made very good friends, also with the family, we made many plans. I am very happy for him because things are going very well and everything good that happens to his family is so happy. When one of the two is fucked we try to help. In the end, friends are there for that. "

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