Pistons, Nets, Heat and Magic: one will be out of the playoffs

After the descent of the Hornets and with eight days to go until the regular season ends, another of these franchises will be without the final prize: the playoffs.

Five eight days (April 10) for the closing of the regular season of NBA. In the West, apart from the dance of positions among the first eight, there is all the fish sold for the playoffs, but in the Eastern Conference the situation is very different. Until a few days ago five franchises lived a bitter struggle for one of the three posts left available for the postseason.

The last to fall to remain practically without options are the Charlotte Hornets, after adding three consecutive losses at the worst time. However, the other four teams still have serious options to be between the sixth and the eighth place in this Conference and, according to the analyst Jacob Goldstein, and analyzing the calendar that they have left in this last week, one of which is now classified is more likely to stay out.

Detroit Pistons - 6th position (39-38)

The Michigan franchise is the best placed in this long distance race and it has a five-meeting schedule quite affordable in order to achieve the goal: they receive to Pacers, travel to Oklahoma, return to Detroit to play with Hornets and Grizzlies and close the course at Madison Square Garden. According to the expert, those of Dwane Casey have a 98% chance of playing the postseason and a 71% remaining in the current position.

Brooklyn Nets - 7th position (39-39)

A block of Kenny Atkinson has left four enough matches hard ahead and his position could dance in this final stretch: receive Raptors, travel to Milwaukee and Indiana and close the course at home against the Heat in a duel that can be vital in their postseason options. Despite these difficulties and Monday's loss to the Bucks, is not the team most likely to miss out of the top eight.

Miami Heat - 8th position (38-39)

Florida's have the calendar more Complicated by the four playoff contenders: they play at home against the Celtics, travel to Minnesota and Toronto, receive the Sixers in Miami to play their options in Brooklyn against the Nets. This difficult path places them as the least favorite to enter the playoffs. They have a 34.6% chance of being out by 31.4% of their rival in the last dance of the year. Who knows if the last dance.

Orlando Magic - 9th position (38-40)

Five games are left in front of the Magic, highlighting the tremendous importance of the first two: they receive Knicks and Hawks at home, but they finish the season away from Florida. They will play in Boston and finally in Charlotte. His last hard duel was the one of last Monday that ended in defeat against the Raptors, tightening his options even more. According to Goldstein, they are the team with the best chances of finishing sixth or seventh in the East, overtaking Nets and Heat.

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