Pickford, involved in a fight at the exit of a pub

The Everton goalkeeper and the England national team was filmed while supposedly involved in a massive brawl. The toffee club investigates the matter.

Jordan Pickford, 25 years old and goalkeeper of Everton and of the England national team, was seen last night involved in a massive fight at the exit of a pub. The images of the video, reproduced in exclusive The Sun, supposedly show the English porter while wrapped in the street in a scuffle between several people, which originated at the exit of a pub in England. Even, it is seen as Pickford, xcessively altered, had to be retained by several people to prevent things from going higher.

El Everton, the club that paid almost 30 million euros for the goalkeeper to Sunderland, has acknowledged the facts: "The club has been informed of an alleged incident involving one of our players and we are investigating the matter."

Photos from as.com

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