Patrick Beverley, the Clippers beat that unsettles Durant

The base is one of the men in the Playoffs for his defense on the wing. Born in Chicago, he was expelled from university and made a career in Europe.

Before the playoffs began, everyone was clear: Golden State Warriors would have no problem getting rid of Los Angeles Clippers. Four victories in a row, swept home. Sew and sing But the second game changed somewhat the pre-established script: the Angelenos made history after tracing 31 points in less than 20 minutes at the Oracle Arena, with Patrick Beverley as the main focus of attention with Lou Williams.

Nacido in the western part of Chicago, Beverley is already one of the great stories of the final rounds for his insane defense over Kevin Durant. The big height difference (21 centimeters, 206 by 185) does not prevent the Clippers' base from being a huge headache for the Warriors star and, by communicating vessels, the entire Golden State attack. It leaves neither sun nor shadow, hooked to his body like a leech that steals, minute by minute, all the blood.

And regardless of the comic of the situation (the nervous laugh of Durant, the fuss of Beverley) , the results are noticed. The two-time MVP of the Finals has not finished either of the two games of the tie: the first by two techniques with his defender and the second by six fouls. And its incidence when Pat grabs it, is reduced. In the initial duel, the base was on him in 45 possessions and KD scored 15 points out of 59 of his team, gave two assists and committed two losses. While in the second, in 39, he only reached the eight goals of 45, a basket pass and added four losses. "One thing that hurts these tall guys who can put the ball on the floor, is that you occupy all the space, not let them catch the ball comfortably, make everything go physical It's a battle and Beverley is winning", Tony Allen analyzed, all a defensive reference in the Memphis Grizzlies Grit and Grind, for Chris Vernon.

From Chicago to Ukraine after passing through Arkansas

"I've played against Beverley since he was in Arkansas (NCAA), so I know a little bit about what he brings in. He's a boy from Chicago, he grew up and played there, and those guys play with a different type of mud. I understand that he contributes that: it raises the physical and psychological tone of the meetings, "he said after the first meeting Durant, who looked at the faces of Illinois when they were both in college. The Golden State in Texas; the base, in Arkansas, where he could not complete the full cycle: he was expelled before his third year by, officially, not achieving the academic goals. Unofficially, the story changes a lot: he was forced to leave the center for delivering an official paper with his name, but not written by him. They were not his only problems as a student since he had to face a claim of paternity and accusations of receiving money from an agent.

Beverley recognized the trap and took the European way. He went to Ukraine to play a season in the Dnipro of the American Bob Donewald Jr. For that first experience in the Old Continent was accompanied by his mother. Lisa had her son when she was 17 years old and raised him alone: her father left the family and the only memories she had of him were her basketball trophies. After finishing his Ukrainian stage, he extended his Interrail a bit longer by Greece (Olympiacos) and Russia (Spartak of St. Petersburg) before landing in Texas, where he set up a beauty center for his mother with the money obtained in Europe.

In the NBA followed the advice of Will Bynum. Also from Chicago, the base advised Pat that he will put aside the attack and focus on the defense. Being perfect in that part of the game would make him indispensable in the League ... and it was. The Rockets took advantage of their voracity in the one-on-one and got their first big love, Russell Westbrook who was seriously injured in the second game of the first round of 2013 and in an absurd action when the Oklahoma City Thunder asked for a timeout . The flame between the two is still very much alive.

"Beverley is our voice"

And even Durant, there were many others like Lonzo Ball, but with the eaves seems something special. "I feel like he's the best, you know, without disrespecting his team, but he's one of the best players in the world ... I felt that covering KD would help our team and I wanted to set the tone," Beverley said after the Second meeting, in which he prayed that he would not be separated from the forward: he wanted to be him and only he who defended him.

" It's the heartbeat of the team," JP Clark, assistant coach of Doc Rivers in the Clippers, told the Los Angeles Times. "It's our voice," assistant Sam Cassell continued in the same story. "When he was his rival he always talked to me about the court, I could not stand him ... now I know he'sThe perfect teammate, "center Ivica Zubac said of a player everyone loves and everyone hates because of his stubbornness and desperate intensity during the 48 minutes:" I can not stop people from irritating me . It's not my fault. I go out and try to be the best defender in the planet. I take my role, I take my job very seriously and I do it for my teammates. I do it for my role and I understand how to do it, "he told The Athletic before the start of the Playoffs:" Kevin Durant is not easy to cover, but I'm sure it's fun ".

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