Paco: "If we do not take advantage of the bullets, they will end ..."

The coach said he will greet Marcelino, after the controversy of the 15-16 descent. "We went down and I did not blame anyone, the responsibility was ours."

Puncture in Eibar: "We do not have time to walk around complaining about lost opportunities, it would be a mistake to think about what happened in Eibar, in two days there was not time for anything and the feeling is that it lasts for what lasts. the Valencia ".

Derrotas:" We knew that some games we could lose, but nothing that happens to us can hurt us, we have to be in the best of the states and I hope that tomorrow we will give a good image ".

Last chance?: "Match that passes and we are not able to cut the advantage is for the one who is ahead." The results of the rivals have not been all bad, but we are worse than two weeks ago and we have to cut back already. The draws are worth little, the message is clear, the game goes and we do not win, we are in worse conditions, if we do not take advantage of the bullets they will end, it will not be a final, but every time we fail, It complicates and there is more advantage for those ahead. You have to cut three in three. If we win or lose we will not save, but it is very important to add three in three. "

Support of the fans: " We have something good and we do not have to convince anyone. The fans are the maximum convinced. The other day was a good test. The fans will always be there and what was seen in Eibar is that they leave their souls. If you do not win, they will be the first to be by our side, but you have to earn a reward for them. The real message is that of the fans. "

Saber read the games and the advantages: " The downturn in the second parts is a mental aspect. I told them against Eibar: 'Why in the first 30 minutes we were not in your area and when we lost we created several chances?' This team has recorded that when you have something positive you back out. When you are in such a bad situation and you see yourself with three points you tend to preserve the booty. That is a bad argument. The idea is to go do the second, not save the first. "

Parejo will be in Vallecas: " I always want you to play with everyone. The best is to compete against the best. I could think that they injured ten of Valencia, but since that is not going to be the case, we have to play against what there is. For the show, Parejo is going to be a delight. "

Russian opponent: " Valencia have had a very bad run, but in a very uneasy situation, they have been able to reap results and fight for their goals. That says a lot about the players and the patience of respecting Marcelino's work. Possibly we face the best Valencia of the season. "

Greetings to Marcelino: " I salute you because I consider myself educated and I will shake your hand. I have no reason not to give it to him. Neither summer nor dinner with him. We do not have a relationship to see each other. I understand that football goes around a lot and each one puts football in its place. I'm not going to assess what happened at 15-16, I have something more important now, which is to save the team. Any opinion that is not supported by reliable evidence is not valid. Everyone has their conscience. We went down and I did not blame anyone. The responsibility was ours and in my case I am the responsible person ".

Baja de Amat by card: " It is a position in which we are more than covered and there is much equality. I will not be able to count on Amat, who has been playing and opens the possibility for another partner. If you play one and you win, you will surely continue. You have to be fair to people. I hope things go well and he contributes better. "

Advíncula Absence: " He came from the national team when I arrived here and we did not have time to be in the previous training sessions. He lacked information, but I'm going to count on him. For the right back Advíncula has a tough fight with Tito, but he can give us a lot ".

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