Odriozola: lights and shadows in his first year in Madrid

The side will not play again this season because of his collarbone injury. He has alternated brilliant performances with defensive deficiencies. Add a goal and nine assists.

"Fichar for Madrid is like going to Disney as a child". This is how Álvaro Odriozola performed at the Santiago Bernabéu on July 18. Thirteen days before, Real Madrid officially announced his signing, granting one of the childhood dreams of the Real Sociedad squad. However, the reality is not Disney, although the side will like it. To project the film, first we must overcome problems with the script, technical failures, unexpected setbacks ... Life, like the cinema, presents difficulties to solve for a day reach the highest.

This has been the first year of Odriozola in the capital. Of lights and shadows. Of injuries and opportunities. From being an offensive gale to teaching sus defensive deficiencies. To enjoy confidence to stay out of the list ... Anyway, has passed the exam with a note. In 22 games, he has scored one goal and has given nine assists. Of course, the shadow of Carvajal is long ...

Not everything started as planned. In the pre-season dazzled with his attitude and travel by right wing, as he had shown in Anoeta. He seemed prepared for the elite, but an 1122111 attack on the adductor halted his debut. The European Super Cup was lost against Atlético de Madrid and could not make its official debut until September 22. He was not in four league games nor in the premiere in the Champions League. However, his voracious hunger shone in the Bernabéu against Espanyol.

"Al Bernabéu liked Odriozola, a repetitive side that carries kilometers and joy to his band although his temperament in the center can still be improved. This dedication gives Madrid the weight in the games", defined Luis Nieto in the Chronicle of the game. But the injuries were again crossed on the road: some discomfort in the previous against Sevilla left him off the list. Also in the derby. Upon his return, he left his mark again. He was in five of six league games, due to physical problems of Dani Carvajal.

In the midst of that winning streak, Madrid dismissed Julen Lopetegui. He was 14 games in command and only counted in four with Odriozola. Different with Solari, with which he played 14 games out of 32 possible, scoring a goal, distributing nine assists and widening the right wing. With the Argentine, however, an error happened to him invoice. In the resounding win of Eibar, the lateral committed a grotesque error in the second goal and, in addition, fell injured in the same action.

After that, played three games of the following 13 of Liga. His role changed: in the Youth Cup it was capital. In the first round of sixteen in Melilla he left one of his best performances in white: scored a goal and gave two assists in the 0-4 victory. He also played the return and the complete elimination against Leganés (in the first leg he gave two goal passes). He would bid farewell to the KO tournament at the Bernabéu in front of Girona, where, again, he gave a goal to Lucas Vázquez.

Now, Odriozola flew in search of impregnating the Bernabéu with his football. The team's situation is not easy, but The lateral does not offer doubts in the effort. From Valladolid to Eibar, from day 27 to 31, he played every minute taking advantage of Dani Carvajal's muscle injury. He looked forward to the end of the year, but the clavicle will prevent it. Produced by Disney, "Odriozola: lights and shadows" was the first film in the series. In August, following premiere.

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