Nowitzki could postpone his withdrawal: "I'm at the best time of the year ..."

In summer he will turn 41 but he still does not think about retirement: "I'm going to finish this year as hard as I can, then I'll see how my body feels."

Media life, literally, Dirk Nowitzki is competing in NBA and the door is not closed yet to play another course. The German will turn 41 next June and is now, in the final stretch of the regular season, when he is showing his best version, even going up to Wilt Chamberlain in the list of top scorers. "I probably feel at the best time of the year. I should have felt like this in December but the eight weeks I missed made it start to pick up pace throughout the season. It was difficult, but at least I'm at a point where I can have fun playing with my teammates and do it efficiently, "he acknowledged after last Monday's game against the Sixers, which left in the air its possible continuity in the elite Basketball: "I will finish this season as strong as I can and then I will see how my body feels. I'm not thinking about that now. "

The Mavericks player had a left ankle operation a year ago and his slow recovery left him in the dry dock until the middle of last December. Now he's having more minutes on the track in a season in which Texans do not play anything. Despite this, the German continues to show off his style of play, one of which was a precursor in his day. "I think I came to the NBA at the right time, when the game was beginning to change. The league wanted a little more scoring and movement on the court. In the 90s there were plenty of inside players who lived in the post. Now stand those who are capable of launching from any area and move the game, "clarifies the player.

Although being one of the best interiors in his day, also recognized that he would have changed some things of his habits to be a better player: "I probably would have changed my diet a little earlier. In the past we ate hamburgers with cheese before the game. We did not know all those things about nutrition that we know now. But other than that, there were many disappointments and frustrations during the playoffs. In the end I had to go through that to be a better player and become what I needed to be in 2011 to win the ring. "

The future of the Mavs, in good hands

The center also spoke about the future of the franchise. A future that, according to him, promises a lot with Porzingis and Doncic together, highlighting the great talent of the Slovenian: "I see Kristaps very well in training. Both are players who fit very well in the franchise, high cut and smart. They should be a great couple to see for a long, long time. Luka has a great game on the track. I say it all the time, for a young man of 19 or 20 years it's amazing the way he reads the game and makes decisions with the ball in difficult situations ".

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