New victory of Schachmann and fall of Alaphilippe and More

Accident 6 kilometers to the finish line on a very eventful day, with three evacuees, including Castroviejo. The German is more leader of the Basque round.

In a show of power, Schachmann scored an incontestable triumph at the goal of the Sanctuary of Estibaliz, of those that make the squad look at him in another way from now on. The leader of the race, scorching in the chrono that opened this Tour of the Basque Country, made it clear that he will not release the jersey just like that. He ended with a smile a very hilly day already from the beginning, with four evacuees and a montonera. To 6.1 kilometers to finish, with the Jumbo stretching the group, in a slight curve to the left, reducing the layout, in the twelfth position someone made the sharpener and 15 cyclists were falling like dominoes. Among them Alaphilippe, who had marked this Wednesday as the day to finish the leader's pledge; He was sitting on a grassy area and could enter the finish line with enormous bravery at 12:09 wearing a torn jersey. Castroviejo also kissed the ground, who was bleeding from the nose and could barely move, so he was taken to a hospital center with multiple injuries; Geraint Thomas (gave almost six minutes in goal); and a Kwiatkowski that could also rejoin to get on the bike. Landa entered well, twelfth, walking the last few meters on the left side of the slight rise to the sanctuary. These last two and Alaphilippe are eliminated from the race for obvious reasons. Mas was also involved and started shooting again a little faster, but he left 1:53 and also says goodbye to the txapela.

The funny thing is that the montonera arrived when nobody expected it in the Itzulia, before a foreseeable funnel in the narrowing after passing through Argandoña. There was a lot of tension and this was charged piece. Schachmnn took advantage of the confusion to trace the plan of victory. Lutsenko took the bull by the horns on the final climb and Ulissi caught up with him. Surprisingly on the outside, the Bora leader started and left them behind. Aberasturi, a local runner who knew the terrain like the back of his hand, finished sixth in a big sprint; It is not yet for boasting because in the GP Indurain fell on his back and still has consequences. Ion Izagirre lacked a bit of courage to throw himself into an open grave when the leading group gave up on a break to think about the strategy; finished fifth and is second in the general, 33 seconds. Schachmann added 10 seconds of advantage to what he already had for the bonuses.

Previously shot a fuga in which they became part Rojas, King, Armirail, Bernard, Skujins, Bravo, Fernandez and Sessler. Some of them were falling like ripe fruit. Bravo did it when he secured the points for the jersey of the mountain. When they all rentegraron to the group, took the reins the Mitchelton. Before they were evacuated Cummings, to the hospital of Pamplona; and Cras.

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