Nets and Magic consume the machada: they will be in the playoffs

Both won at the home of Pacers and Celtics and secure a post in the post season. They will be his first presences since 2012 (Magic) and 2015 (Nets).

Alone remains to know the last team that will enter playoffs in the Eastern Conference (the Pistons have them face). Last night the classification of the two biggest surprises of the year was made, with the permission of Los Angeles Clippers. Brooklyn Nets and Orlando Magic won their respective matches and will be in the post season. An impressive merit for two franchises that almost nobody put in their pools to play for the qualifiers for the title, which have combined great gusting spells with lows that threatened their classification, but in the end have shown sufficient resources to survive in what at the end of the regular season had become the hottest point in the NBA.

Pacers 96 - Nets 108

Round success of the Brooklyn Nets, a team that has won over many fans for their game and for the way the one that the franchise has risen coming from the most absolute of the nadas. With a reconstruction that has not been based either on big draft picks or on star signings, but with a model work in the offices that has been translated to the bench, where Kenny Atkinson and his coaching staff have transformed a group of young promises and players accustomed to being second in a well-oiled machine, fun and, most importantly, winning.

Last night they visited Indiana, which is not the best place to play your life, but the Nets are finishing the season in a good peak of form and they were better throughout the game. Joe Harris, the player with the best percentage of triples this season (47.4%) broke the game in the second quarter with four almost in a row. The second part served to confirm D'Angello Russell as the hero of theirs one more day. The base, who was already playing well, gave a recital in the second 24 minutes and finished with 20 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists, and incidentally getting a little more pressure in his fight for being named the Most Improved Player of the Year . And good news in the face of the playoffs: Caris LeVert, who was struggling to find his best game after returning from the injury, it seems that is already intoned. Yesterday he was again important from the bench, with 18 points and 5 rebounds.

It is the first classification of the Nets to play the post season since 2015, when it seemed that the transfer with the Celtics was going to condemn them for many years. The drought has lasted four seasons. A victory on the last day against the Heat would assure them the sixth place, but whatever they do and their rivals, no one can take their place in the fight for the title, won with all the merit of the world.

Celtics 108 - Magic 116

They have not come by the same route as the Nets, but the fact is that they are also here. With the Magic you can not talk about model work in the offices, letting year to year also go to a huge amount of talent. But Steve Clifford has hit the button and it is already known that the East gives the opportunity to anyone who invents a more or less decent plan to get into the fight for a playoff position. They have done that from Orlando with, let's not forget, the best streak of their conference in the last ten games: eight wins and two losses.

If the Nets had to win the pass in Indiana, the Magic did it in Boston, another bone tremendous. They went to the break losing by four (52-48), being worse in the second quarter and with some doubts. But after a few first minutes of scoring in the second half, los of Florida broke to play and completed a third exquisite quarter (26-35) that left the game very expensive. A final arreón of the premises, that got to tie the fight in the last minutes, almost leaves them without victory. But the Magic live in a state of grace and knew how to play better in the last moments to ensure the victory and classification. Three names stood out above the rest: Terrence Ross (26 + 3 + 3), Nikola Vucevic (25 + 12 + 4) and Evan Fournier (24 + 5 + 3 + 2) . And DJ Augustin's double-double was also very important (11 + 7 + 13) .

The last time they went to the playoffs was in 2012, Howard's last year there. It was the end of an era and it is still unclear if this may be the beginning of another, but while they are thinking about it they will play the qualifying rounds again. It is not yet known if in the seventh position they currently occupy, in the sixth or in the eighth. That we will know in the early morning of Wednesday to Thursday, when it will end a regular season that is already historic in Orlando.

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