Moyá puts in value to Thiem: "He is the most specialist on land"

With the exception of his pupil, the ex-número 1 of the world stood out the game of the Austrian on dust of brick: "In the last two years he is the unique one that has won to him to Nadal in clay".

One of the important figures for Rafa Nadal, both on and off the track, is Carlos Moyá. While the Spaniard is immersed on the road to his 12th Monte Carlo Masters (debuted with a double 6-1 against Bautista), his coach has analyzed the rivals that Nadal can have during the clay tour for the website of the ATP.

"Djokovic, Federer, Thiem, Zverev ... But surely there will be more ... A priori, by name and ranking, those are the most likely, but always on a tour new players appear, especially coming the new generation, which is going up pretty fast. I would not be surprised if Tsitsipas, Auger-Aliassime or others got on the car. They do not have limit, they have no ceiling, and we do not really know how they will respond, anyone can give the blow, "said the exnúmero 1 of the world.

No However, Moyá wanted to focus especially on Dominic Thiem The Austrian has been the tennis player who has most times put Nadal in trouble in recent seasons on brick dust: "His game is the most adapted to clay of all, removing Rafa. is the most specialist. because he is a great player, he has a lot of power, he pulls very hard, he's improving every year and he's going to be an opponent to take into account. " In addition, he especially highlighted Thiem's setback as his big hit: "Historically, Nadal has been given good players with backhand at one hand, but in the case of Thiem is an important weapon that has served to beat him several times Rafa in clay, in fact, in the last two years is the only one that has beaten Nadal in clay. "

Rest of rivals

Djokovic: " He has managed to beat Rafa in his best moments. he is at the level he showed at the Australian Open, logically he is a player who aspires to everything as well, he does not have the marked game on clay, but because he is an SUV, his way of playing hardly changes from one place to another ", avisa.

Zverev: "Today, all those above play well on all surfaces, Zverev is one of those examples, he is very good at speed, but he is also good on clay. p I oo more time on land and it is true that this year has not reached its best level yet. He is a young player, who is in projection, and sooner or later will link several good weeks and get back into the fight. "

Federer: " You have to see his final schedule. At the moment it is Madrid and Roland Garros, which are two tournaments that adapt to their conditions, especially the first one. Madrid is a faster tournament, with height, where you can play two shots. And Roland Garros is five sets, we will have to see how he goes in the first rounds, and if he accumulates attrition. We are talking about a player who would have won Roland Garros many times if it was not for Nadal. He has been a bit in the shadow of Rafa because he has swept throughout his career on the ground, but Federer has played several finals in Paris. It is a very natural surface for him and he will play very safe. He will try to remain as aggressive as lately, although the risk is much greater ".

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