More problems for Lakers: young people do not trust LeBron

According to Bill Oram (The Athletic), the Lakers players who played in the trade for Anthony Davis have lost confidence in LeBron James.

If there is a franchise that has a lot of work to do ahead of the next course, that is Lakers. The hollow season that they have signed, in the negative, continues to leave collateral effects. In recent weeks Magic Johnson left his position as President of Operations and, shortly after, arrived the expected dismissal of Luke Walton as coach. All this as a consequence of the carousel of misfortunes suffered by the Lakers in this course. The worst of all is that one of them, perhaps the most talked about of all, continues to make noise.

Following the arrival of LeBron James last summer, the premise of the franchise was to enter the playoffs with Akron as a great star and mentor of the young group that coexisted, and still coexists, in the Lakers. In order for all the pieces to fit together, there must be an environment of mutual trust between the players and their leader, and early in the season (until James' injury) the best version of this team could be seen, both on the track and in the classification .

But that confidence began to be broken when the list of players that could enter the trade for Anthony Davis was leaked, and it ended up dynamiting when LeBron publicly acknowledged that it would be incredible to play next to the Pelicans center. That possible transfer could not occur if the Lakers did not put several players in the operation and statements of Akron, tremendously influential in his new team, made even more dent in the players involved. Among them were some veterans such as Rajon Rondo and Michael Beasley; and three youngsters, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram, who have lost all confidence in their leader, as Bill Oram (The Athletic) tells .

James came to the Lakers knowing what there was. He knew the panorama of the previous seasons. To improve that situation, he only needed his level shown so far and the necessary patience to help his teammates: a factor that, according to Oram, faded to make public his desire to play with Davis, thus affecting the confidence of the three most promising players in the template.

Only there are two ways to reverse this situation and start the next season in the right way: that the Davis operation will finally take place in this market or that the young people of Lakers and LeBron will recover the Lost trust and be able to play together. The first option is more difficult than before because there will be more franchises that will fight to take over La Ceja. If the second occurs, would be latent, even more if possible, the mismanagement and loss of time of Lakers, who will have to use part of the new season to strengthen some links that are already touched.

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