Míchel scores a goal, gives air to Valladolid and sinks to Girona

Real Valladolid got the victory with a goal from the midfielder that gets into trouble a very gray Girona who sought the tie and lost.

El Real Valladolid returned to win after five days without getting it and takes a breath after a goal by Michel in a match in which only the pucelanos seemed to want to win, while Girona adds its sixth consecutive defeat and gets into very serious problems, in the fight for not descending.

El Real Valladolid, more needy, came out with the idea of looking for the goal of Bono. Looking for the left with Waldo and Nacho to Ramalho, the blanquivioletas managed to create danger. First the pacense put the Moroccan goalkeeper to the test and then made a wall with Unal that left him alone before the Girona goalkeeper, but his pass to Guardiola stopped the goal. Incomprehensibly, the team pucelano stopped by the continued faults of Plano it was played until the expulsion. On the other hand, the Girona coach, Eusebio, attended to the requirements of his squad and placed five players in defense. He gave more confidence to his defense and looked for the back of the blanquivioletas, but he did not hit the pass. Only the entry of Ramalho by his band created danger with the pass to Stuani, but Calero cleared a corner, in a first part with very few opportunities.

The blanquivioletas put another march after the break, while the people from Girona doubled their bet with a iron defense and looking for opportunities to come out against. Eusebio's team did not have that option, because the blanquivioletas paid as much attention to arrive at the Bono area, as to avoid the rapid departures of the visitors. The Valladolid entered by the right and left bands. Unal and Guardiola did not reach the auction and Alcaraz was shot up just before Míchel hit from the front. Unal received from behind in the area and put the ball to the Valencian with thread sent the ball to the mesh. The madness seized Zorrilla. By magic, the chains that held Girona were released and began to reach the goal of Masip, but without danger. Portu topped off, while it was Valladolid that now went to the counter. Plano's shot went wide, like Moyano's scissors. The chances were pucelanas, also the nerves, while the Girona did not manage to create danger. Toni could sentence to empty goal, from 40 meters, but did not hit. I would have saved the last two minutes of nerves of Valladolid that celebrated with enthusiasm the three points that take him out of the descent, while Girona gets into a mess that did not expect.

Sergio González: "You have to add from 38 to 40 points "

Real Valladolid coach, Sergio Gonzalez, said on Tuesday, after winning at Girona, that everyone" pushed during the week "to achieve a" very beautiful and emotional "win. That support, he said, has made players give their best on the field and showed great poise in a game "very difficult" .

"They have shown the desire to continue in First and deserved this victory, having been superior to the Girona, "said the Catalan coach, adding that all those who have gone to the lawn of José Zorrilla" have done very well and at a high level ".

Insistió that " we must add 38 to 40 points " and in the need to "go for them", thinking only of their game, since they do not depend on anyone else to continue in First, although he clarified that "we have to taste such an important and necessary victory" .

Sergio explained that Calero requested the change when noticing a strong overload and, as a precaution, took away, and, with respect to Kiko Olivas, who will not be able to play against Atlético de Madrid due to the accumulation of cards, said that "he has three imperial games" .

About change in the goal, in which he lined up Masip instead of Yoel, warned that his entry was to count "with a fresh head" to the bad game of his partner in the previous game, and recognized that it was also a challenge for he and a "complicated" clash .

Finally, he clarified that, seeing that the match lasted five minutes, ending in more than six, it was "normal" to enter fear escenico, but "all have been well and the marks Individuals were more solid " to avoid that a bad action was repeated that would ruin the triumph.

" That's why we have all celebrated with greater intensity the victory, because in addition people have overturned, the club too, warming the environment during the week, and that emotion has been transferred to the players, who have come out to give everything, and who have shown enthusiasm, commitment and faith, "he concluded.

Eusebio:" My players showed their faces "333333 3 Girona coach Eusebio Sacristán said on Tuesday, after losing 1-0 to the Rel Valladolid, which is the sixth consecutive defeat of his team, that his players "gave la face" and maintained a commendable attitude. He explained that his team did not find the ball to go against or controlled him, but reacted after the goal, although he did not get right in the approaches, and insisted in his confidence towards the players "until the end" because they have tried to change the course of the game.

"Points remain ahead, the situation can be reversed", stressed the technician of the Catalan team, and said that they will fight for it until the end in a last stretch of the course they did not expect and that It has made them get "in a complicated situation" .

Al analyzing the meeting, said they tried to handle the game to turn it around, but turned in the opposite direction because they were slow to do different things, looking for anxiety to make the Valladolid made mistakes.

"We continued with the same approach, because the result made the match vary, although it did not go well and they took22222 22 advantage ", added Sacristán, who assured that he is a" professional one hundred percent "committed to his club and that he has been able to abstract from the personal aspect (return home). "You have to get up as soon as possible and face the challenge because the option to stay exists and you have to fight for it," he concluded.

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