Mercedes announces the torpor

The German team achieved its fourth double in four great prizes. Full. Two with Bottas the winner and two with Hamilton. Urge Ferrari's reaction.

Mercedes achieved his cuarto double in four great prizes. Full. Valtteri Bottas contained his teammate Lewis Hamilton at Bakú, as happened at Melbourne in the inaugural race. In the other two, Bahréin and Shanghái, the result was the opposite: Hamilton ahead of Bottas. That domain, if someone does not remedy it quickly, and that someone can only be in Ferrari, announces a ride of the German team that can lead the season to drowsiness. If anything we can live the emotion of fratricidal struggle between them, as happened in 2016 with Nico Rosberg. There are few people in the environment of Formula 1 who trust that the Finn can resist the harassment of the campeón of the world, but for now he has already exceeded twice and is leading with a point thanks to a fast lap.

I do not think that Hamilton be quiet. In Australia he did not have any option against Bottas, and yesterday he left for the end what he could not finish at the beginning, and in both cases he was beaten by Valtteri. Mercedes, in addition, has not yet given 222 team orders to favor one or the other, although in their bosom they can not disguise that Lewis victories produce more joy. Only Ferrari, where they opted for Vettel instead of Leclerc as soon as they had the chance, could avoid this monotonous pulse of Mercedes. In the preseason he seemed to have the best car, and in Bahréin he showed us an emerging Leclerc that knocked on the door of the greats. Either the car is not reliable enough, or its drivers are not up to scratch. The fact is that Mercedes has already eaten a lot of ground. And the boredom threat.

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