Mendilibar: "Ramis' injury has disrupted the game"

The coach of the armored team has also defended the good season that Orellana is doing and believes that the right result is what it is.

Ramis's session: "The game has upset us a little bit, if we had another center on the bench, it would have been changing piece by piece and that's it, we had to remove a player from midfield, relocate him, we did not have other midfielders in The bench, and they caught us there, they got us two goals and they were able to do more, the injury has been decisive. "

Pedro León's session:" As he was warming up he was being loaded with soleus and we did not want to take risks. a lot of time without playing, and he had played 45 minutes in one game and 70 minutes in another and it was normal to be charged. "

Orellana:" Everyone goes with yours, it's been a good season but today has not been good. we are our different player, another player who came from two complete matches, and because he was loaded, and if he had played at the beginning he could have broken ".

Lo jus to a draw: "The right result is the one that is. They have scored two legal goals and we have scored one. Ivan's injury has facilitated the offensive work. And Madrid is a team that without playing well makes you their goal chances. You do your job, but little by little they wear you down. But I think the goals have been more our fault. Two centers to the area, which in theory we are strong in these actions, we can not forgive ".

Orellana, bad physical moment:" It has entered a time when the team was suffering, with the restructuring we had done was not easy for him. Above the opponent was losing, I had to go up ... Maybe I have not guessed right to put him ".

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