Melero López, that's the referee of Real Madrid - Athletic de Liga

The Malacitano referee is in charge of refereeing LaLiga Santander's match between Real Madrid and Athletic at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Hernández Hernández will be in the VAR.

The referee in charge of leading the LaLiga Santander match between Real Madrid and Athletic at the Santiago Bernabéu (4:15 p.m., LaLiga) is Mario Melero López. The Malacitan referee has no FIFA category. Your style is characterized by having a lot of personality, by not allowing protests and by not taking too long to get the first yellow. It is completing a great season.

Precedents of Melero Lopez with Madrid and Athletic

Melero Lopez has led in five games Real Madrid. The last precedent is from this season, in the 0-1 against Huesca. But there is one previous and very well-known, also of this course: el of the Madrid-Real Society of the famous non-penalti to Vinicius. Melero was that day in the VAR ...

On the other hand, al Athletic has refereed eight times. The last one, in the Athletic-Eibar of February 23 (1-0)

Hernández Hernández, referee of VAR

Melero López will be axiliado in the room VOR by Hernández Hernández, that yesterday was in Vallecas in the Rayo-Huesca and has shown much reliability as a referee of VAR.

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