Mbappé corners Neymar

The French striker PSG is performing at a huge level despite the injuries of Neymar and Cavani. He has scored nine goals in the last seven games.

PSG continues to raze in Ligue 1 and could win the competition in the coming weeks. All this after a season in which the Thomas Tuchel have suffered many setbacks. FIFA has pursued them to comply with the Fair Play Financiero, Adrien Rabiot has been removed from the team by default and especially have had very important and long-lasting injuries.

A the more than known absence of Neymar, joined the Edinson Cavani, but with two of the players of the trident outside, Kylian Mbappé (20 years old) has pulled the car as if nothing had happened. And is that if the Uruguayan has missed the last seven games (in which Neymar was not) , the French has scored in the seven.

Lleva nine goals in seven games (the last put him yesterday against Toulouse) and the 24 occasions in which he has jumped to the turf in the French league, only four has been left without mark (in two of them he participated for 45 minutes). With 27 goals in Ligue 1, he is the only footballer in the world who closely follows Leo Messi (Barcelona) in the fight for the Golden Boot. The Argentine takes 31 and the third classified is Fabio Quagliarella (Sampdoria), with 21.

The French player is catching another spectacular season and proof of this is that in the 35 games he has played has scored 31 goals and has distributed 15 assists . And his team is still alive in the Cup of France, in addition to still have nine more league day to continue increasing their records. With him, no fan is missing Neymar or Cavani.

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