Maverick leads and Márquez already knows how his new 'spoiler' is going

The champion said in the morning that they did not put it for fear of tomorrow's rain, but he rode it and finished 44 thousandths of Viñales.

After the expected debut of the spolier in the Honda, an idea copied from Ducati, after claiming in Qatar against the Italians along with Aprilia, Suzuki and KTM. It was in the final leg of the FP2 of the GP of the Americas, in the Honda of Márquez, and that the champion a couple of hours before had nothing clear that they were going to ride in Texas. "We do not put it here anyway, because the same thing rains tomorrow, so I would only use it today in the case of finding myself very, very well," he assured As.. So it is clear that felt comfortable, despite not finishing first the day but second, surpassed by 43 thousandths by Maverick, that had already been second in the FP1 to only 78 thousandths of the champion.

Marc opted to go out to the track with the new appendix in the final part of the second free of the end Texan week, and premiered it with a runway exit without consequences. His fellow factory officers, Lorenzo and Crutchlow, have not yet assembled it, but they also have it at their disposal in the GP of the Americas. We must remember that Honda got its approval by the technical director of the championship, Danny Aldridge, in Argentina. He wanted to avoid at all costs to say that it served to cool the rear wheel, as Ducati claimed, but then also recognized that it gave him aerodynamic benefits, from 300 to 400 grams at 180 per hour of ground effect, as recognized by Dall'Igna, although he stressed that that was not his purpose. The semantic nuance at the time of explaining the purpose of the piece became very important and, since it is not approved talking about aerodynamic benefits, in Honda it occurred to them to put as purpose that served to reinforce the rigidity of the swingarm.

Sea Anyway, there are already two factories on the grid that have it installed on their bikes and will end up putting them all with time. So far, a that is not serving much in Austin is Ducati, because Dovizioso has been out of the top ten places with direct access to Q2, and it looks like tomorrow it's going to rain, so it's very It is likely that he will have to pass through the purgatory of Q1. and the same goes for his partner Petrucci (13th). The two Ducati that got into the top ten were those of Miller, who managed to get hooked to the wheel of Marquez and fourth, and the Bagnaia, which was tenth.

The one that had another good performance in training, and it's important because he always goes for more in the races, it's Rossi. The Italian is inspired and finished the first day three, at 0.146 of his teammate's time at Yamaha. After him, Crutchlow, Rins, Pol, Morbidelli, Quartararo and the aforementioned Bagnaia closing the first ten places. Out of them, Mir 12º, Aleix 14º, Lorenzo 16ºand Rabat 20º.

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