Márquez supports pilot Brad Baker in his recovery

The ilerdense has donated a set of boots to continue collecting funds that allow the American to continue with the rehabilitation.

Brad "The Bullet" Baker, champion of 'flat track', met with the B side of motorcycling on July 22, after suffering a serious accident at the appointment of the X Games in Minneapolis that left him without mobility at the bottom of the body after fracturing three spinal vertebrae, from T6 to T8, in addition to breaking seven ribs on the same side. After the intervention, the American pilot clung to the possibility of walking again after learning that his spinal cord was not sectioned and now, fighting every day to return to normal.

National Grand Champion of 2013 and third youngest pilot he managed to take this title, he also fought battles with Marc Márquez on the ground in the SuperTradiote Dirt Track and was even able to overcome the ilerdense in the appointment of 2014, having been crowned champion of the AMA in the previous year. That was the first contact between do drivers who now maintain very different realities and the MotoGP five-time champion has wanted to contribute to that they are at least similar.

El Spanish, as Brad has shown in their social networks, le has donated a set of boots with which the World Cup disputes so that the American continues to collect funds to help him continue with his rehabilitation. Baker's medical insurance covered the first rehabilitation sessions but now, it is the pilot himself who has to pay the recovery costs. His family started a fundraising on the web road2recovery.com with the goal of reaching $ 100,000 and for the moment they have only managed to collect a little more than 5,000, which, with the gesture of Márquez, can be increased by bringing the AMA pilot a little closer to the required number.

Photos from as.com
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