Márquez: "I've never had any problems with Rossi"

The ilerdense explains how he lived his handshake with the Italian in Termas: "I accept your congratulations and it is clear that I accept your greetings".

Rossi and Márquez joined hands at the end of the MotoGP race at Termas de Río Hondo, on the same stage where their famous misunderstandings started, in 2015. Now, it is the second time that the two most successful MotoGP riders have been in MotoGP. They shake hands after having problems between them. The first was on the podium in Montmeló 2016, still dismayed by the sad loss of Luis Salom on Friday. The second came in the third on the Termas podium, after last year Rossi denied Marquez his hand in the press conference of the San Marino GP.

In Argentina it was Valentino who took the first step. Seeing Márquez pass by him, gave him a touch on the arm as a sign of recognition for the carrerón that had just made his rival, and the Repsol Honda immediately offered his hand , as a sign of thanks and to congratulate him also for his great second place. It was a quick moment, but emotionally charged.

Márquez explained the situation in 'El Larguero' of Cadena SER and, without giving it much importance, he was happy with what happened: "The truth is that it has been a very good career, where I managed it very well The moment has been seen by the cameras, I have never had a problem with him, in fact, I already reached out to him in Misano and I already gave it to him here a year ago when what happened happened, because I assumed it was my mistake and I was penalized for it, but, well, this time he congratulated me and I, without any problem, I gave him my hand, I accept your congratulations and it is clear that I accept your greetings ".

Márquez apologized to the audience

Márquez was the master and master of the Argentine GP weekend. He starred in the anecdote of the free ones as he ran through the meadow dodging puddles, after the chain of his Honda came off; then he signed pole number 81 of his sports career; and finished with the first victory of the course, unappealable, which also made him leader of the general. The champion had everything under control, except for one thing for which he apologized to the audience of 'Telecinco'.

"I feel just that his return to give the races in open has coincided with a victory without emotion for the getaway, but I wanted to get rid of a thorn and be very fast also with precision, "he said after winning with a 9.8 advantage over Rossi. And is that the Spaniard in the first round already had a lead of one second over the squad of pursuers, who did offer a very lively fight, decided on the last lap in favor of Rossi with a beautiful and forceful pass on Dovzioso, who finished third.

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