Marga Torres: responsible for the W10 engine of Hamilton

The Madrilenian has been in the star's team for six years. "In the hybrid engine everything is interconnected and based on efficiency," he explains.

It would not be necessary to say that together with the engine of Hamilton Castilian is spoken because Marga Torres Díez has to resort to the language of Shakespeare to explain its functions within Mercedes: "I am the engineer responsible for the power unit of Lewis and I make sure that everything works correctly in terms of reliability while extracting maximum performance. " This 33-year-old from Madrid, who studied industrial engineering at the Polytechnic University, has been" almost six years in the engine division "of the German manufacturer and has passed through the teams client, "like Lotus, Manor or Williams", before forming part of the champion car since 2018. "During a session, with the car on the track, I am behind the wall watching the data, arriving near a thousand parameters as temperatures or pressures and in my case I follow those related to the engine, the battery, the electric motors or the turbo, "explains Marga. For example: "It could be that the engine is somewhat hotter than it should be, in that situation we would ask the pilot to look for the side of the runway to catch another air flow, or to do a 'lift and coast' (lift the foot of the accelerator a few moments before stepping on the brake) ". Between big prizes, they analyze "all the data" in the Brixworth factory "to see what things are going well and what areas of improvement exist". There, the most complex engines in the history of F1 are made, the V6 turbo hybrid with two electric motors that generate energy from heat and braking (MGU-H and MGU-K). And when we speak with nostalgia of the old V8 and V10 ...: "They had their charm for sound and because they were going at 18,000 revolutions per minute, but to me, as an engineer, the current engine is the one I like the most because it is the most complicated, everything is interconnected and based on efficiency, on optimizing what you have, there can be an impact on one system and the cause is on another different system The V8 at the end was an engine, but here we have two electric motors , a battery, the turbo ... it is much more technically interesting ". Therefore, " personally ", removing the MGU-H in the regulation of 2021" would have been going backwards ". The engine will remain a challenge technology for engineering teams, although F1 has always been a pilots sport for Marga: "The car is important, they have become very complicated, but our function is also to simplify it within that complexity because who has to understand it in the end is the pilot ".

His beginnings

He studied in Madrid, although he specialized in motorsport with an Erasmus at the Estaca school in Paris. "When I was in college, I was a commissioner and technical delegate for the land rallies in the RFEdA Instead of partying, I spent weekends in the races. I went to France because in Spain there is not much oriented towards Then they took me in Renault Sport Technology and from there I went to Renault F1, always in the engine area ", account.

Live ten years out of Spain and is used to the life of airplanes, hotels and circuits around the world: "As I sleep a lot, I do not usually have jet-lag, and I also like to change, it's very monotonous to spend a lot of time in the office, the only thing about this pace of life that you do not do sightseeing, I've been to Melbourne five times and At the moment I only know the airport, the circuit and the hotel ".

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