Marcelino: "Zidane and Madrid form a victorious tandem"

Marcelino warns that he will make some rotation and trusts that Guedes of his best version in the decisive section of the season.

Is it good that Madrid come disconnected or tense?

El Madrid has the obligation to win every game because that's what his story says. Surely he will fight to stay as high as possible. I also think that beating Valencia at the Mestalla is always a result of prestige, so we hope for the best Real Madrid. And the rotations he did against Huesca show that they respect this game.

How are the injured?

Coquelin and Sobrino sure will not be on the list; Piccini is doubt and we will see after the train.

What he did not like about the game of Guedes against Sevilla and what do you expect from the Portuguese?

I liked that Valencia won an important match in Seville, basing their victory on the collective work. The coach makes timely decisions to achieve results. Guedes worked the best that came out and the coach makes decisions. He is a great player, he comes from injuries after an irregular season, he has not been able to reach it yet. He was ill with Portugal, four or five days in bed and now we hope he will be available for this game and for the next ones. It is a boy who comes with difficulties but surely will give a good performance to Valencia what remains of competition.

La Curva Nord has announced the cessation of animation by the distribution of tickets for the final of the Copa de Sevilla, what do you think?

I'm surprised by that situation. I did not know the data. I'm more aware of the team and the analysis against Madrid. The Nord Curve is important for footballers, as well as the support of the rest of the stadium. It is difficult for me to think that, with what we are playing, there is a division, but each one will have their reasons and they are respectable, but everything that is not union is not beneficial. We were in Seville and we saw what a team with a totally dedicated hobby is capable of. Here we have seen how Mestalla, with the Curva Nord and the rest of the stands, can push the players. The union is very, very important. I would say decisive and decisive in what remains of our competition.

With Zidane it seems that Madrid is doing better, is it more frightening?

Real Madrid and all the teams are based on the level shown by the players. Coaches put tools to get performance. With Zidane they have won many titles in recent years. I would respect Madrid as well, but Zidane and Madrid have formed a victorious tandem.

¿Se sees in Champions?

Our main objective since the beginning of the season is to be fourth. It is difficult because we had an irregular start and three positions are assigned. There is only one free place left for many teams. The roof and the floor are in the same place, but we will fight with all our strength for that objective.

Have rotations?

Algún sure change we will do, although it is important the last train to see the recovery. We will decide it in the course of the morning of the match.

¿Apostaría by the permanence of Cheryshev and Roncaglia?

I am satisfied with both and with all, but we have priority situations in which to think before. When the season ends, we will see the possible realities and the predisposition to achieve it. We are happy with the performance of Cheryshev, what it contributes, and the same happens with Roncaglia. It has had a very fast adaptation.

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