Marcelino and Cazorla, smiles and jokes before the derby

Both Asturians were several minutes talking on the lawn in one of the many groups that were made with players of the two teams.

Valencia and Villarreal buses arrived almost together at the stadium. First, Valencia; and at three minutes the Villarreal. Everyone went straight to see how the grass of the La Ceramica stadium was. And there they coincided, next to the benches, technicians and football players of the two teams. Especially cordial was the greeting of Marcelino and Cazorla, both Asturians and who have known each other since the playmaker was announced at the Recreativo de Huelva, with Marcelino on the bench.

Arms, smiles and jokes before the game. Surely the technician would thank him for the words of the Villarreal player, before the match, censuring the behavior of Rayo fans, the past Saturday. A the conversation was joined by Gabriel Paulista and Francis Coquelin, who were companions of Cazorla, in the Arsenal. They were also in the corrillo Wass and Parejo.

A few meters closer to the line of lime was formed a mini-French conclave. With Coquelin, Gameiro, Diakhaby and Toko Ekambi that commented some hauls of what could be the match and, especially, the season.

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