Marc: "The defensive intensity has to be maintained, yes or yes"

Speaking to Efe, Gasol pointed out the intensity of the Raptors' defense as the key to the Toronto team's 111-82 victory, which equals the tie at 1-1.

Toronto Raptors center Marc Gasol said today that facing the next games of the tie against Orlando Magic, the Canadian team has to maintain a defensive intensity as deployed today in the second match of his playoff.

" Obviously the defense raised the lines, the intensity, the pressure, I think the whole team had a very good mentality during the 48 minutes and, nothing, happy for the victory, "said the center of the Toronto Raptors.

" The aggressiveness of the whole team I think has been very good, and maintaining that defensive intensity has allowed us to not play so comfortable, not to play with so much space, and have a narrower view of the angles of attack and leaks that leaves the defense ", added.

One of the keys of the meeting was the defense that Gasol exercised on the Montenegrin center Nikola Vucevic, one of the stars of the Orlando team.

33 33333 At the end of the match, Toronto Raptors coach Nick Nurse praised Gasol's "intelligent" task to annul Vucevic.

"The main thing to do with Vucevic, or any good pivot, is to try to move his Reception as much as possible and that is less comfortable. The percentages are reduced the farther you keep it. I think he played very physically, very smart, did not leave anything easy and did a great job, "said Nurse.

Gasol, which also nullified Vucevic in the first match that Orlando won in Toronto at the last minute by 101-104, explained that he faced his marking with total intensity.

"Just as I will face the third party, the fourth, the fifth, whatever. They are the playoffs, it's my way of understanding basketball, "he said.

For the next matches, the next two matches of the round will be played in Orlando, Gasol said that the Raptors have to maintain the same defensive mentality.

"What I am sure is that the defensive intensity must be maintained, yes or yes, there is no option. Regardless of being successful in attack or not, I think the defense must always be there and once when you are successful in attack, do not be content and continue to maintain that intensity so high, "he said.

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