Luke Walton, accused of sexual abuse by a journalist

It has been denounced by the journalist Kelli Tennant. It is based on some facts supposedly occurred when I was in the Warriors.

Luke Walton has been reported to the Los Angeles Superior Court for sexual abuse. The technician has been accused by a journalist, Kelli Tennant, who covered the information of the NBA as analyst of Spectrum SportsNet.

Walton is accused of propasarse with the woman in a hotel in Santa Monica when he was assistant of Warriors. The journalist wanted to have his vision to complete a book he was writing and already in the hotel, according to the TMZ portal in scoop, it went against her will.

La razón wielded by the complainant to have intervened now and not before that at that time and in which he came after his work was in relation to Walton's and having done so would have endangered his working condition.

In the complaint he adds that, after the incident, Walton continued to provoke her with vulgar comments in public and acting as if the above had not occurred.

The three teams that have had a relationship with Luke Walton have expressed their opinion through communiqués. The Kings, his team now, and the Warriors, his team at that time, say they are unaware of the accusations and that they are working to find information to be able to pronounce themselves in the future; the Lakers, the team that Walton left a few weeks ago, assure that "during his time as an employee, no notification to the franchise has arrived at that address". Walton's lawyer, Mark Baute, has also expressed himself: "The accuser is an opportunist, not a victim, and her accusation is not credible, we will prove it in the courts" .

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