Levante, who finished with 10, and Espanyol are left halfway

Distribution of points that leaves the granotas in danger and the parrots, still far from Europe, in the tenth position of LaLiga Santander.

Of little worth a point to Levante. Neither to Espanyol. The granotas do not detach themselves from danger. The parakeets, they take off the train of Europe, although they remain in the wagon of tail and the intact hopes. Perhaps he knows better the Valencians who are staying a day more to the championship and leave everything as it was. And more, considering they played the last quarter of an hour with one less.

El tempranero goal by Borja Iglesias changed the script. After a quarter of an hour, the Panda came up against the granotas defensive miseries, ending a manual counter. From his area, Melendo, Marc Roca, Darder and the '7' parrot face Vezo and release right from the front. For inside. Nervios and ghosts in the stands of the Ciutat and little reaction on the lawn. Those of Rubi, at their leisure.

El Levante was KO. Rochina and Campaña, cramped, and without them there is no football. Mayoral, null, far from the area. And almost the whole game was overturned by the 'debutante 'Toño who did what he could. Still much more than his partner from the other band. The first, and only, shot on goal of the premises in the first half came after half an hour and Diego Lopez did not even have to move to lock a ball of Mayoral.

Al edge of the break, the key. First with a double paradon from Aitor Fernández to Mario Hermoso. And then the VAR annulled a goal to Marc Roca by the hand of the parrot before releasing his winning lefthander. These two actions left the granotas with assisted breathing and holding on to life.

Levantado the curtain of the second act, madness. There was everything. And anything could happen. Puado released two notices at the beginning. And shortly after Vezo's draw came. Campaign puts a poisoned center, Naldo is entrusted, and the Portuguese dresses as killer to nod set. Everything returned to the origin but for a short time. Again, incomprehensible disconnection granota in a simple play of football. And a melon to the area makes it Beautiful in a luxury assistance to Marc Roca that this time he could celebrate.

The blow was mortal of necessity. El Spanish had the motorway to Europe without any traffic, with Melendo at the wheel driving devastating. He did everything right. But the Ciutat pulled a claw, the team picked up the glove and Rochina released the left foot to put the tie back. Dry squeeze that Diego does not give him time to put the gloves.

The frenzy did not stop. Only two minutes later, Rochina himself went to the street for second yellow. There was a quarter of an hour ahead and the balance fell a little bit more on the parakeet side, although Paco López's team could read what the party was asking for.


Even so, the third party could fall from any side. Roger failed only against Diego López what he does not usually. Aitor was going to grow big against Borja in a heads up. The stick spit a right from Hernán and Bardhi still had a last ball in the perica area that ended in nothing and left some tables that leave both unsatisfied but a little closer to the objective of each one.

Paco López: "We have to to think that we depend on us "

¿Subtract more than subtract this point?

We wanted to win. It would have been ideal. But as the game has gone the point has to be done well on Wednesday and be able to give it value. The spirit that the team has had today is the one that must be maintained until the end. With one player less at the end, with all the emotions that have been, the team has managed to manage it before a team that handles the ball very well and especially with the score in favor.

The team has shown that it has heart.

Yes. We can not afford the luxury of not having it in a constant way. We have had it during many phases this season and the results have not accompanied. People, despite being behind us, have given us energy and the team has noticed. The penalty is not having won and have two more points.

Is there time to work that the team stops receiving so many goals?

Time always there. We're on that. We would like to be perfect. The first part with little that we have done we were penalized fast. The team does so many things well with the ball that it is a pity that it happens to us later. The first goal comes from a corner in favor. We will try to minimize the errors.

Toño and Jason, new features.

We have to think about the present and not about what has already happened. We are fortunate to have Toño for the League final after so many weeks without participating. For the time I had not played, it was good. We have used the two lanes that have given us so much during the year. Since Toño voHe saw training was a matter of being prepared physically and mentally. Last week was already and today we decided that I was at the level to compete. It is a purely technical decision.

How is the team physically and emotionally for Betis?

Let's see Chema. He has asked for the change for a muscular discomfort. We will see how they have all finished because on Wednesday we have another game. Possibly we recover Cabaco and Postigo almost certainly also. Emotionally the team is full. He has been during the week and he has shown it. The conviction and the illusion will always win over doubts and pessimism. We lose Rochina by an expulsion that we do not want. They are accidents that happen in football and maybe it could have been avoided but it is already.

How many points do you think will be needed for salvation?

Now the number is already complicated to guess. We have to think that we depend on us. You have to think about doing things like today and try to add three against Betis. When you win a game you clear everything and you see it differently.

Rubi: "We were fine except at the end when we were one more"

Joan Francesc Ferrer "Rubi", coach of Espanyol, said his team had been fine and only In the end, when they played with one more men, they failed to allow Levante to have many chances.

"Until the end we played a full game against a Levante that did not break down, but I think we lost two points," he added. in press conference.

Sobre play of the goal annulled his team in minute 45, said he saw a rebound and that if the VAR indicates that it is not a goal, we must accept it, although it had been a disappointment.

Also explained how positive it is to get ahead often and the score as a negative is not able to stand those advantages, something that has happened on numerous occasions this season.

"We had chances, with a ball to the stick , but also had them in rival in a final stretch of the match in which we lacked a little more pause ", added.

Questioned by the possibilities that has the Levante, the team he trained, to save himself said he wants and wants to continue in First Division. "I see them very involved, today they created us many problems and they should be hopeful", he concluded. -EFE.

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