Leclerc: a star has been born

"Charles is someone who came shining from afar, as a threat and as soon as he has had a car he has shown what he is capable of".

It has that air, that way of going through life, that of those who are above the world and it seems that they had a special oxygen only for them. So he walks Charles Leclerc, so he runs in a Formula 1 car. Last year I remember talking to the boy on the way to the grill to get on his Sauber Alfa Romeo. Vettel? I asked. "Will see ..." We'll see, the 21-year-old driver told me as if it was not with him, as if he had not spent a single second thinking about what he would do when he was in the Ferrari and in front of a guy who has won the world title four times. Like Prost, the one who was bitten by a Senna, remember? And it's that, it was not the time, and sometimes these special people give you lessons without wanting to. We will see. When it has to be.

Y it is now. It has been already. The circuit of Bahrain saw the birth of a star, someone who had been shining from afar, as a threat and as soon as he had a car he showed what he was capable of, pole and a spectacular driving to recover from a bad start and overtake the two supercampeons of the world, Hamilton and Vettel. The German with the same car showed some of his shortcomings, naked king in the desert. After a failure in his Ferrari left him without victory. Best. It is not good that it is so easy. Like that child who achieves the leading role in his first casting in a musical. Better do it to the second. Or the third one. But Charles's brightness is here to stay. It reminds me of Jules, his friend Bianchi. He dedicated it to him. Besides that ... The star dazzles.

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