Kidd, Lue, Jackson ... the candidates for the 'laker' bench

With the continuity of Luke Walton in doubt, there have been several names that have sounded to occupy the bench of the Lakers in the next season.

Lakers season is coming to an end and the scenario is very different from what fans imagined earlier this season. The Angelinos are drifting, with no playoff possibilities, with LeBron already on the bench and trying to forget this season at the same time they start thinking about the next one. The first year of 'The King' has ended with a year in which they will end with a record very similar to the previous one, with bad feelings and without playing (again) the final phase, something they have been repeating since they played it for the last time in 2013.

A season like this usually concludes with the search of guilty and the taking of responsibilities. The franchise must react and quickly (LeBron will turn 35) and the first changes point to the bench that Luke Walton still occupies. The former player, who arrived in 2016 to the set of purple and gold to start the era 'post Kobe Bryant', has not done precisely a bad job with a young staff in his first two seasons. Neither is the one pointed out by the fans or experts, who look at Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka and their management in the offices. However, the first to pay in these cases is usually the coach: it is the simplest decision, put out fires and allows you to gain time in addition to trying alternative plans in which James feels more comfortable.

The possibility that Walton leaves the team It is real but not sure. The last thing that has been known is that Jeannie Buss, the owner of the team and the technician's highest supporter, has left his position in the hands of Magic, who is not exactly a defender of the coach. However, his departure, although it would not surprise anyone, is not a fact, although only the possibility that it has occurred has caused the rumors to go off and that the names as substitutes for Walton himself appear in the press. Next, let's review some of the names that can occupy the bench in the next campaign and analyze the possibilities of each of them to take over the reins of the team.

Luke Walton

Ya have said that his departure is not safe. He arrived as a protege of Jeannie Buss and few people point him out as the culprit of the Lakers. Credit as a coach has, and room for improvement too. He participated in the famous and historic 73-9 of the Warriors taking more than half of the year to the team due to the back problems of Steve Kerr and many people argued that the Best Trainer of the Year award must have been shared between them. Since his arrival in Hollywood, he has done nothing but improve the team: 9 wins more than the last year of Byron Scott in his first season and 9 more in the second in a year in which he went to 35 wins with one of the best defensive rating of the league and with a regular season finale of great sensations.

This year he had the team fourth before LeBron's injury at Christmas and he had managed to put the pieces together and make the team competitive, making him play very well and defend better still. The injuries have harmed him and he has been put in the eye of the hurricane more by the directive 'laker' or the leaks contrary to his person by the environment of LeBron than by the fans. His control over the squad is minimal, and he has known that he asked Randle and Brook Lopez last year and ignored him. He is young, he has said that he wants to continue and has room for improvement, but now his position depends on a Magic always reluctant to trust him and even the franchise seeks a coach profile more likely to surround LeBron shooters than to continue to develop Young people who also need to have the ball.

Tyronn Lue

I could be the candidate with more options if Walton finally leaves the team. He is without a team since his departure from the Cavaliers, has the blessing of LeBron (something key) and endorses his ring with 'The King' in 2016. The Ohio franchise came after the dismissal of David Blatt and public support of James himself, always more inclined to the then assistant. Lue has always had the reputation of 'good uncle'. We already saw him in the final part of his career with Orlando, acting more as a mediator for Stan Van Gundy and the squad as a player. Then he was assistant to the Celtics and the Clippers to end up in Cleveland. He gets along with everyone , is very close to the players and his period of adaptation to a player like LeBron, with whom he also shares friendship, it would be shorter than in any other technician. If finally there are options that arrive it would be plausible to think that Magic and Pelinka requested their services and it would not be strange that James offered to try to convince him to accept.

Mark Jackson

Another possibility commented on his day butthat has ended up losing strength. It would not be a bad option. As a player, he has a meritorious career that includes an NBA final and that established him as one of the best bases of his generation. Nomo coach endorses his stay in the Warriors. He rescued the team from the catacombs and planted the seed that ended up germinating with Steve Kerr on the benches. In his first year (2012/13) his dismissal was speculated on after only 23 victories, but the squad began to carburize the following year and with the tandem David Lee and Stephen Curry surprisingly eliminated the George Karl Nuggets at first round to put the Spurs in the Conference Semifinals on the ropes. The following year they surpassed the 50 victories and fell in a tight first round against the Clippers. This was the departure of Jackson and the arrival of Kerr, who developed to the maximum a Curry who made his first big jump with today's analyst of the TNT. That is not going to take anyone. He is without a team and has already said that he would be willing to retrain. He is also a close coach and likes to play offensively and with many points. Only missing to know if finally the Lakers will try to get their services.

Jason Kidd

Fear of the fans. It has sounded a lot and reputable journalists like Wojnarowski have put him directly into the 'laker' orbit. He has little credit in the league. He did not do badly at all with the Nets, but ended up scared after his stay at the Bucks no matter how much 'Anteto' tried to defend him publicly. It would be a profile very close to the players (of all those who have appeared is the one who later withdrew) and even of 'colleague', but his capacity as a technician is in question. He played against LeBron, who won the Finals in 2011 with Dallas. Like in the directive 'laker' is young and has, of course, time to improve. But LeBron's 35 years do not give much room for experiments. We will see if the rumors about his person intensify or finally the Angelenos opt for a more 'serious' profile.

Doc Rivers and Ricks Carlisle

Han sounded both for the team, but they are, a priori, the least likely to stop in Hollywood . The first has a contract with the Clippers, les has gotten into the playoffs against all expectations and has a very ambitious project ahead with a reconstruction that looks good. Trainer of the Year in 2000 with the Magic and NBA Champion in 2008 with the Celtics, was speculated about his arrival in the franchise for his desire to train LeBron, but he himself has been responsible for denying the rumors and has ensured that will remain with his current team.

Something similar happens with the Dallas coach. He likes a lot in the directive, but has a really attractive project in Texas, where he will have Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis together next season. Very tied to the franchise and its owner Mark Cuban, and lover of a very rigid system with which he already clashed for example, Rajon Rondo, seems unlikely to end up on the benches of the purple and gold.

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