Kanter grows up without Nurkic and prevents his ex from getting it

The Blazers managed to put the 1-0 in favor in a game they had controlled and did not let go despite the heroic effort of George.

Va to be a hot series, and both teams warned, although the first served dish has not come with spicy. It has come with struggle, with suffering especially on the losing side, but without noticeable incidents: we appreciate it. It is much better to enjoy players who start making it fatal and end up deciding and from men who are able to silence mouths based on good game.

The Blazers started as a cyclone, pulling from outside with McCollum as maximum acertante and forcing to do the same to un Thunder that did not have a touch or similar: they started with 7/9 and others, with 0/7 from the long distance. There opened a gap that came close to twenty and that put the face of the clash for the Oregon. Seth Curry accompanied from outside to McCollum, not so much a Damian Lillard that was much more erratic.

Westbrook missed on long shots, but hit everything else. He hurt himself in a fall and tried until the end. Your team was playing a very poor game and the '0' was able to keep them not far from the rival in the score with actions of pure power. It was necessary to wait for the second half to see the animal awaken.

The Thunder had to mount . They put one. Schröder and George lived a similar situation, since both showed an unfortunate facet in the throws but chaining only a few good ones did a lot of damage to those of Terry Stotts. The difference between the two is that PG was doubtful until the last moment and he was seen suffering a lot because he could not show the level of MVP to which he has accustomed us during this season.

The protagonist, who many pointed out as the MVP of the party, ended up being Enes Kanter. Do not forget, you know the tricks of Steven Adams and it shows. The former of the Thunder completed a huge double-double (20 points and 18 rebounds) , although the statistic has to be accompanied by something else: in his case, two sacks on offense during the last two minutes that saved his equipo when he needed it most because of the pressure of the opponent. And the Turkish starts the decisive phase by making less than the low of Jusuf Nurkic, for which he continues to bet as the key to this first round series.

Portland believes and makes his fans believe. Oklahoma wants to discard already, with only one game played, past nightmares that already hover over his head.

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