Jovic does not shine in the Eintrach comeback towards the semis

The forward claimed by Madrid did not get balls. Exhausted after a great wear, was replaced in the 76 'and could celebrate the pass.

Anyone who looked at Eintracht-Benfica in the heat of Jovic's Madrid tour, will have to continue judging him on Youtube videos and watch out for the Bundesliga. Without reaching balls to combine or finish, he was replaced in 76 'away from the spotlights. But, most importantly, he was able to celebrate the pass.

The Benfica went to sleep on the mattress 4-2 on the way out, in a nap that cost him as expensive as a elimination at the gates of the semifinals. In the first time did not appear, leaving the ball to Eintracht as if that, and so it seemed at times, was more trouble for the Germans than for them. The attempted return had more spirit than argument, enough nevertheless for the local dream to remain alive. Kostic, the most rebellious with Rebic (saw yellow and loses the next game), made the leader with a shiver in the 8 'and with the 1-0 in the 36', offside not indicated by the referees, to those who could not help the VAR, which will not be in the Europa League until the end.

Trapp and the club, decisive at the end

El Benfica, who did not want when he could, could not when he needed. Just reached to delude con the flashes of Joao Felix, in any case in a version very far from a week ago. Rode, with Jovic intervening in the play, made the final 2-0 at 67' and could sentence in the 71st minute. , but he did not succeed and there was still a scare that Trapp and the stick left in that in 84'.

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