Jokic and Murray regain the Nuggets field advantage

Between Jokic (29 + 12 + 8) and Murray (24 and 6 assists) the Denver team manages to win in San Antonio. The series, right now, indecipherable.

Yesterday we said after the victory of the Thunder against the Blazers that was the most even tie of this first round with the Nuggets-Spurs and it seems that we were not wrong. First 2-2, first series that will go safe until the sixth game and first day in which the Nuggets seemed the team that finished second of the West and that fought for the leadership of the conference during many months.

And that in the first quarter the thing painted the same color as in the third. This time without Derrick White exhibition (8 + 4 + 5), but with a LaMarcus Aldrige in star mode (24 + 9), which punished the Nuggets from inside and outside. 34-22 at the end of the first period, but the mirage lasted what it took Nikola Jokic to get to play. The Serbian center gave one of his particular classes on how to do everything on a basketball court. Whether it's organizing the defense, closing the ring, making the team play, shooting 3-pointers, making the rival zone their own ... Ya has 82 points and 47 rebounds in their first four playoff games, the best in its post-season premiere from Shaquille O'Neal (85 + 51) .

Jokic in its maximum splendor for 29 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists and, what is more important, reduce the disadvantage of 12 points to nothing. 54-54 at halftime and new match for the second half. And there, yes, that's when we saw the best Nuggets of what is going to play. Incisors, coral, creative. And with Jamal Murray joining the party (24 and 6 assists for him). They also had a great Torrey Craig (18 + 8, 5/7 in triples) .

Y we also saw the great defensive Nuggets, solidarity in the aid, which out of control to more than one. Especially DeMar DeRozan. The escort (19 + 5 + 5) ended up expelled for throwing the ball to a referee who had just whistled a foul in attack with the game ... 92-110. A sign of despair and helplessness, summary of what was the meeting for the Spurs.

In San Antonio lose the field advantage they won on the first day and should have to do a clean slate, because until now the tie seemed more than its side. The dawn of Tuesday to Wednesday they return to Denver and they will have to recover what made them see themselves ahead. Whoever wins that fifth match can have half a foot in the semifinals.

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