Javi Calleja: "The tie is difficult but neither is it impossible"

The Villarreal coach assumes the difficulty of facing the 1-3 of the first leg, but clings to a remote option of comeback.

How are you facing a return match with 1-3 in the first leg?

We leave the league and focus on Europe, we know that the tie is difficult, but not impossible. While there are possibilities of turning it around, we will try it, we know it is very complicated, but we do not give up.

We have to go out and win ...

I always believe that we are going to win, this is what we have to have in our heads, faith and believe. We know it's a bad result, but we have teams to compete, to score early and put them in doubt. It is a negative result, but we are capable of scoring goals to any team.

How much moral is the victory in Girona?

We come to win in the league, but this is a different competition and we have shown that in Europe the team always gives your best face It's a pity that playing like we did in the first game we got such a bad result. At home we made chances and we played well, so the idea is to continue on that line.

¿Raises posed?

Habrán players of the subsidiary, injured players who return and some who already played in Girona, to which players add that come playing less. We will do rotations.

Can you achieve?

The team has quality, has talent, generates chances and scores goals, the other day we played well and we want to do that. Knowing that they have a very good result and that we have the hurry, so we know it will be very complicated. But we can not think that we can not and with that idea we go.

What do you say to your players?

Les I say that we enjoy the game, it is a favorable match to get the best football and seek to impose our idea in a very complicated. We have

If they happen it would be something historic ...

There is always a day that you make history, and those days are these parties. But the story is to make a complete match and overcome a tie like this.

Is it better to go out to the grave open or wait and try to catch some mistake?

A open grave should not go out, we must be aware that they have a lot of punch and going out to commit suicide would mean giving up the elimination.

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