"There is a struggle, but I think it is not enough to call a penalty"

The Real Madrid player gave his opinion on the maximum penalty that decided the match and said that "you have to think about the three remaining games to finish the season well".

Derrota: "We came here with the illusion of winning but it could not be, now we have to rest and wait for the next game to finish as high as possible" .

Madrid little motivated?: "No need for motivation with this I am one of those who think that you do not need to play the Champions League or the League to compete, you have to go out and give everything at any time and enjoy this profession. "

Jugada of the penalty kick: " It's a move in which Javi he's going to finish at the first post, I try to win the position and there is a struggle, but I think it's not enough to call a penalty, we have to forget that play and think about the three remaining games, which are fundamental to finish well at the end ".

Many defeats in the league: "We must not think if they are many defeats or not, we must look to the future, rest, be calm and enjoy" .

in Madrid?: "I try to always do my best, in games and also in practice. I'm fine physically. We must continue and we can not throw the remaining matches because it is very nice to play with this shirt ".

Marcos Llorente:" Today was an exam for me and for all "

Zidane was hard on the critic: " The coach is the that decides and those that we left to the field we must leave everything. It's the only way to end the season well. We are Real Madrid. We owe it to a great fans and we have to give them good results ".

Acabar good: " In Madrid, the goal is always to win. We have to go out and win, even if you can not climb in the classification. We want to finish in the best way. People deserve it and you have to leave your soul in every game that is left. "

These games are a test: In Madrid every game is an exam, each training is an exam, today it was an exam for me and for me all ".

The key to get good results: We need unity as in good times. As the coach says, all together until the end ".

Photos from as.com
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