"Nobody in Williams is happy with the situation, we are victims"

Kubica, referring to the leave of absence of Paddy Lowe, assures that the problems they are going through are not the fault of "one person".

Williams is still immersed in a pit full of problems that has not yet found its end. The team is still in decline and the results have not improved for a long time without for a car that is even less competitive than the previous year. Although the Grove already closed 2018 as the team of the table, one of the people identified by the loss of competitiveness of the team was its technical director, Paddy Lowe, that joined the structure in 2017 coinciding with the beginning of bad results.

Nevertheless, not everyone shares the same opinion in the team. Robert Kubica believes that the situation they are going through is not the result of a recent error nor of a single person. The Polish assures that all are "victims" of a situation with which "nobody in Williams is happy" and although "unfortunately the person above pays the price, is never a single person who can do it wrong or good. There are many people involved in the team working and not being successful, "explained the pilot in Autosport.

Everyone is waiting for things to improve even if ahead, Williams has a lot of work to do. Although Kubica does not grant it All the weight of the bad results to Lowe, now with a leave of absence, does trust that the arrival of Patrick Head can help them overcome in the current situation in which they find themselves: "The work you can do and the good things you can do contributing to the team goes beyond working with me has been a great asset in Williams, an important factor in the history of Williams and these factors can only bring things positive ".

Photos from as.com
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