Hernández Hernández pointed to Saúl's penalty when he saw the VAR

According to Iturralde González, the referee was right in the decision as the hand of the Atlético midfielder to the auction of Gameiro was "clear".

El VAR returned to be protagonist in the Metropolitano. The video arbitration room had to warn Hernandez Hernandez to point out the penalty that was the tie at 2 in the game. The referee did not see a hand of Saul to a shot by Gameiro, that finally granted the maximum penalty after approaching to review it personally.

According to Iturralde González, the referee acertified in his decision. "Saúl puts his hand and he knows it" , explained the former colleague at the microphones of Carrusel Deportivo. In addition, he explained that it may seem that his arm is attached to the body in the first shot, but that it was a "clear penalty" .

Photos from as.com
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