Guedes 'Superstar' takes the Villamarín and shoots at Valencia

Two more goals from the Portuguese and victory of the team of Marcelino, who suffered in the end by the expulsion of Rodrigo and the both Lo Celso.

Three shots between the clubs, two and a half times and two goals from a Valencia that won in Heliopolis thanks again to the explosiveness of Guedes, unstoppable since he returned from his operation, and his usual defensive ability. The Portuguese is in the Superstar plan. Only saw the team of Marcelino jeopardize its result at the end, when Paulista committed a hand transformed into a penalty and Rodrigo saw a second yellow that sent him to the street.

The Levantinos ascend to the fifth place, overcome Sevilla by goalaverage and maintain the pulse with the Neronians and Getafe in the fight for the fourth place. Betis, ninth after a day that seemed propitious, follow three of Athletic, who also wins the particular difference. They will have to win a lot to reach at least that seventh place and aspire to Europe.

Destis Betis of checkered and the game, adjusted to the script but almost without aggression in the form of occasion, seemed at the beginning a game Karpov-Kasparov. They had the ball the green and white Valencians expected. Tello, who came out this time from start and also in his natural extreme position, warned the five minutes with a thread that kissed the stick and Mandi finished near the corner in a corner, minutes later. In the first half there was not much more to aim for in the section of occasions, neither for one team nor for another.

Because Valencia had not approached almost when the break was reached, just a high shot from Santi Mina in a good combination to the counter. But Marcelino's team needs very little to score. Guedes controlled, caracoleó, shot from outside the area and Bartra diverted just enough so that Pau (not quite well placed) did not get to the ball (0-1, 45 ')

Nora more out of the locker room, Guedes repeated with the final blow, another kick from outside the area. Unable to dismantle the rival defense, with Joaquín barely percussing on the right, Villamarín despaired until he sang the 'Quique, Vete ya' for the second time this season. In 78 ', Lo Celso shortened it from 11 meters per, with one less but supported again in a good Neto, Valencia knew how to suffer until reaching the final.

Marcelino: "This match was marked in red"

Victorias stadiums complicated: "It was very important to win. It was complicated at the end by a penalty and an expulsion. This victory puts us close to Champions. Move a direct rival to 9 points. We have the golaveraje won with all the rivals. We can have that scare at the end but the work is great. At the moment that Betis scored, his fans became his team. "

Guedes: " Crucial. Very important with his two goals "

Rodrigo did not celebrate the first goal: " I do not notice what everyone does. I'm sure he enjoyed his partner's goal. Your participation was very good. It gave us control, situations of danger ... The expulsion I do not know. A few minutes before Betis could have ten. "

The team knows how to suffer: " Without suffering, you do not win. In all the case the Barça. The rest, Madrid, Atlético ... We all win in suffering. And more at this point when everything is at stake. These players are used to suffer. The team has only lost 9 games. We will play a final in this stadium. We are two games away from each other and two points away from fourth place. "

Two final finals and finishing fourth would be like a triplet ?: " It would be extraordinary. But we have neither achieved fourth place nor are we in another final ... We are on the road. We have, in the best of cases, nine games. Of those nine, two would be final. Hopefully we will be able to achieve it. "

Canicians of 'Quique go now': " It's never nice. He is a partner and I do not like the situation. Our profession is like that. We're exposed. I also had difficulties in Valencia. I thank the fans and the sports management for their confidence in me at that moment. "

How did you see the game ?: " Perfection does not exist. We were surprised by the Betis system change. We had problems with the ball. We would have liked to do more damage to Betis and recover the ball a little more in the middle block. We went going to a low block. There the team is sure of itself and we had some problem to counterattack. The last quarter of an hour we were better ".

Victoria that reinforces the group: " Place us fifth, ahead of Sevilla. Two Getafe, we left the Betis to nine, leaving 15. This game was marked on the calendar. It was very important. This victory is an increase of the self-esteem of the moral and the confidence in ourselves ".

Físico of the team: " If we play more than 4,000 minutes, rested we will not be. But we must continue. That's why sometimesDo the support of the stands. Any injury is obvious that limits and conditions us. I hope that Cheryshev's is not serious, to see if we can recover Piccini soon and Kondogbia before the end. I hope not fall any more. But with 52 games played it's normal for some things to happen. "

Guedes:" We're going to do everything for the Champions "-How do you stay after scoring two goals that are worth three points?

-We played a great game. We knew the strengths of Betis and we took advantage of its weak points. We were able to advance with two goals and from there we managed the advantage.

-Go two goals ...

-I'm happy, mainly for the team and go out with the three points. I like to score to help the team. I'm very happy with the goals. Especially go out happy and enjoy.

-And they are only two points away from the Champions ...

-We'll do everything to qualify for the Champions League, we know it is not easy but we must continue like this to reach the goal. We want to go as far as possible. Now we have a very difficult game in the Wanda.

-Is it going to be short the season?

-It is obvious that I am very happy and very happy to help the team. After the injury, a difficult recovery I am trying to enjoy in the field. I was a lot of time stopped, I'm taking advantage to enjoy and I have a lot of joy playing.

-At the beginning it cost a bit ...

-Changed strategy. We thought we were going to play with five defenders and played with four. We knew what we had to do and it worked out for us

-In what position do you enjoy more?

-I enjoy playing in any position. When things go well, I'm much better.

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