Griezmann reaches 250

The Frenchman reaches that number of matches with Atlético de Madrid in five years with his future in laps and in sixth place in the ranking of historic scorers.

With his future at Atlético de Madrid new to laps, as in all the previous five seasons, Antoine Griezmann will be celebrating his birthday against Girona: he will make 250 games with rojiblanca. 250 matches to become one of the icons of the club, legend. In them he has scored 128 goals, something that has placed him in sixth place in the ranking of the club's goalscorers. For ahead, it only has Luis (170), Escudero (169), Campos (146), Garate (137) and Torres (130) , just two.

In addition to those 128 who scored, 44 assists so, then, has 172 goals in 19,602 minutes, the 249 games leading up to now, which have served for 148 victories and three titles (according to data accounted for by the expert in data from Atlético de Madrid on Twitter, Víctor Molina Pozo). With his assistance to Saul in the 0-1 Alavés-Atlético, according to the numbers of Opta, also became the fourth player that this League reaches the double figures, after Messi, Suarez and Sarabia.

In his second worst streak without a goal in Atlético

An event that reaches the French in one of its most complicated moments of the season. Because it has seven dry matches and because if it remains dry against Girona it will match its worst goalless streak in Atlético. Forward of spikes and potholes, the team started its bad start of the season, often it is Griezmann or nothing, until he returned from the summer in which he was proclaimed world champion and joined the last one, with Lucas, and now he does not mark from the February 16, in Vallecas, and the desert has arrived at the worst moment of the season, when the Atletico was playing whether or not in its Champions final.

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