"Victory gives us a plus of confidence, commitment and courage"

Michel appeared to score the winning goal at a key moment of the season

Míhel was the protagonist of a special night for Real Valladolid. He was the architect of the important goal of the victory against Girona: "It was a final against a direct rival and we played well; I think we were all good, the goal is relatively unimportant since what counts are the three points, but it is clear that it was an important goal and I loved marking it; I'm happy because it's the first one I've marked this year and it was that important. " The Spaniard analyzed how was the play: "They always tell us that we did not shoot and saw that Unal controlled, he saw me that he was doing help from behind and he left me very well; I did not think about it and I threw to goal. As soon as I saw the ball, I realized that I was going inside and all that remained was to celebrate. "

Sergio spoke after the game of support and magic that the public brought them and Míchel reflected the same thing:" The influence of the public was very great , there is nothing more to see the reception we had once again were of 10; We received the reception before Osasuna last year. He made us win and give us that extra joy to win at home and give them those three points. " The victory against Girona opened the door to another four finals, starting with Wanda on Saturday: "We have not saved the category, much less, it will be very tight because there are many teams involved in the fight" .

Míchel is clear that this victory are more than three points: "It gives us a plus of confidence, commitment and encouragement to continue fighting together and continue in this dynamic that is the right one." The truth is that Míchel has received criticism because he missed his contribution and before the Girona was important again and not only for the goal: "You have gotten me some cane yes, but I am the same as a few months ago." The players always want to give the maximum and sometimes it goes well and sometimes not so much and also nobody knows if you have trouble and strength to help, I've spent several calvaries with my ankle, right now I feel very good, with that spark and that plus that the team needs. " "It's the most difficult game of what is left, they are very strong, but we go with the mentality of scratching something" .

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