Garitano: "For what happened, I found it very bulky"

He missed more clarity of ideas in the final meters after theft. He did not feel empowered to talk about arbitration. "It's 14 years without winning here, it's no coincidence," he says.

El Athletic has scared too little to Madrid.

was an equal first time; for all the balls we stole, the selections were bad. What could have been the 0-1 there, almost in front of the goalkeeper, in the same counterattack has come 1-0, when you are forced to take a step forward, you must leave spaces and have quality. With 2-0 we could have got in the match Iñaki's shot. The result is more bulky than I thought. We lacked mordant for everything we squeezed, in the last election we lost many balls

In the second part could not I have put Unai Lopez in the middle to have more creation?

Is it a question or an opinion? If he had put it there, perfect.

In three days they face the Leganés, can pass mental invoice. They return home or stay in Madrid?

We have high morale, we must recover people because we have beaten a good beating, to think of the next, we left for home.

Les still missing one more point outside for the European objectives.

The team gave everything, we made a brutal effort, for all the ball we catch we lack brilliance in the last actions, is what they have. After robbery we lacked aggressiveness in attack. We could not put ahead in that goal and they in a couple of errors, the result went to 3-0.

What is the team missing to believe it? How is Herrerín?

Has now been fine, it is normal for a goalkeeper to have failures, which LaLiga goalie does not make mistakes from time to time? It's 14 years without winning here, it's no accident. When you present yourself so many times in three quarters ... the correct decision making is what we lack.

Tal and as is the Madrid, without objectives. Do you feel that a missed opportunity?

That they have no goals ... whenever a player goes to a football field he has them. Benzema has been good, there was also some error that has caused that marked. They have won three consecutive Champions with these same players. To think about the match of Leganés.

It seems exaggerated the 3-0?

Son moments, we had the 0-1. Iñaki has not come to push and in the counterattack they have made us the first. Then with spaces, with Bale and deeper people you can do three, as has happened. For what happened in the game I thought it was very bulky but I have nothing to say.

Llevan five goals in two games. Are you losing tension?

We have to correct, we are making some mistake that not before. Then in attack costs us more.

Why has not it changed until 75? In the corner he preferred to wait ...

Making change in a corner is not a problem. They let the players reach. The ones I took out were in the positions. In 75? I did not see the team badly, we were fine.

How have you seen Lekue?

Well, he had not played for a long time, he has endured 90 minutes and he had a strong bull. Then there was Iker or Raul, they are not a double side, it is people who help but not work the band.

Do you not agree with the disciplinary criteria at the beginning?

I do not see myself with justification after losing by three to zero. It is true that he has loaded us with cards from the left and that has weakened us.

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