Final Four: curtains of 4.7 million to cover the US Bank

The home of the Vikings (NFL) will have more public than in the Super Bowl of 2018: Cavaliers and Red Raiders will play the university title.

This is the night for the United States, all eyes on the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, where the Cavaliers of Virginia and the Red Raiders of Texas Tech are playing the university degree, which will be the first for both programs. In fact, the two debutan in a final, and it's the first title match with two rookie universities since the fight that changed American basketball forever: the Michigan State-Indiana State of 1979, the Magic Johnson-Larry Bird .


The US Bank Stadium (for the sponsorship of the name for five years were paid 220 million dollars) will return to haunt the 73,000 spectators, as in the semifinals on Saturday, above the capacity in the football matches, which topped the 67,612 of the Super Bowl of 2018, when the Eagles defeated the Patriots. Opened in July 2016, the US Bank is one of the jewels of American sports architecture, an arena that cost more than 1,000 million dollars and that for the Final Four has not only been converted into a basketball court but has added 14,000 extra seats, a huge marker on the ceiling ... and black curtains that cover more than half the roof and more than a third of the walls.

These curtains have cost more than 4.7 million dollars and arrived (they began to install more than a month ago) with some controversy, as they leave the stadium without the effects of the sun and the views that make it such a special venue. But the rules of the NCAA are clear: all matches and training have to be played in the same lighting conditions and without variations motivated by natural lighting. So, to be able to host the event, the US Bank has been converted into an opaque room with huge designer curtains with which the organization has made sure they are "elegant": "They are like the curtains of a theater, not it's like throwing a garbage bag over the roof and already. "

When the Vikings built their new stadium they did not want to just have a retractable roof, like other venues. His goal was to always make it look like it was played outdoors, even if it was not like that in a city with very harsh weather conditions and that needs to take into account the usual snow accumulations during the harsh winters in Minnesota: not all materials are worth build a roof that is around 22,300 square meters. Finally we opted for the EFTE, a type of thermoplastic polymer of extraordinary durability, transparent (hence the feeling of being outdoors) and very resistant but at the same time 100 times lighter than the glass and lets in more light than this.

The result is spectacular ... but incompatible with NCAA regulations. For that the millionaire curtains, and all so happy. Now it's a matter of Virginia and Texas Tech fighting their battle: only one will add his name to a list of huge pedigrees in American sport.

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