Ferrari invents a problem with team orders

From "the priority" of Vettel to the advancement of Leclerc in Bahrain when the wall had asked him otherwise. The classification will send on the track.

In full presentation of the SF90, to Mattia Binotto it occurred to him to say that "Leclerc is a pilot with a lot of future ahead" and Sebastian Vettel, "the priority" of Ferrari. A controversial statement by the team's boss, partly fueled by Mercedes, because Toto Wolff always insisted that his two drivers start the season with the same opportunities. The reality is that in F1 when one thing is said many times it is hidden that the reality is the opposite: if 'Seb' were the priority pilot of Maranello, Raikkonen would still be in the team.

Leclerc's rise was, yes only, a declaration of intentions, although in Australia the Monegasque had to be contained when it had something more rhythm than the German one. There were no positions to win, beyond the exchange between the two, but Binotto learned a lesson: if he had ordered Charles to stop for the fast lap then would have added an extra point and saved a displeasure. "Maybe yes, we could stop Charles and try to go for it, but we will learn from that and maybe next time we will stop, "said the Swiss, who recognizes that this is one of the most complex responsibilities in his new position:" The priority is still the car, As before, but it is true that you have to direct the pilots too, which is something that was not among my tasks last year. The two are very ambitious, but that's good too ".

Y, to clear up any doubt, Binotto sentenced in Bahrain: " Charles is allowed to go as fast as he can, to make the pole and to be in front of us. We are not going to stop him. What I think is important is that our pilots do not take risks. But if Charles is in front, he will continue ahead. "Although Charles did not pay much attention during the race to an order from the wall that urged him to keep the second position for a few laps behind Vettel, a detail that does not escape Toto Wolff, who sees it with irony from the perspective of Mercedes: "I do not know if I heard all the radio messages, but the one who asked me to keep two laps behind ... I was in that position a few years ago and I'm looking forward to seeing it" .

In Maranello They want to avoid the fights on the track by direct positions when that puts the position of one of the two cars at risk, so for now, they will send the classification and the strategy, as long as there are no short circuits in the engine. the rhythm of one of the two cars, as was the case of Vettel in Sakhir, is far below the other, the positions will fall by their own weight. There the indicated is once in 'Seb', very far from his best level and with an error in the track when defending Hamilton that left him without a podium. He returns to a track where last year he took the pole and finished the eighth race after being touched by Verstappen. But he is a four-time world champion.

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