Feast of Zaragoza to approach salvation

Verdasca, Pep Biel and Delmás were the scorers in a placid night for those of Víctor Fernández. The Nástic is already with one foot in Second B.

Real Zaragoza beat the Nástic with authority and a huge efficiency and took a giant step towards its permanence in Second Division. Quite the opposite that the Tarraconense team, which only a miracle could save already of the descent. His luck seems definitely thrown, after this resounding 3-0.

El match was a first final for salvation for Real Zaragoza and a last chance for Nástic, which was presented to nine points of salvation and with his coach, Enrique Martin , publicly ratified, which is not guarantee of anything. Y the Zaragoza hit immediately, when the minute had not yet fulfilled. Pep Biel, one of the highlights, threw a corner from the left and the attempt to control Alvaro Vázquez led to an involuntary left for Verdasca that the Portuguese central sent to the cage of a zurdazo. It is his third goal in the championship, a mark always appreciable for a center that is always in the disparadero.

El goal shot to the team of Víctor Fernández and everything was sewing and singing in front of a desperate rival, who has already begun to listen your particular countdown. In full Aragonese offensive, Djetei took the shoulder with the 2-0 to Linares (9 ') and Delmás shot grazing the right post of Bernabé (17'), but very soon came the goal of tranquility in a lash of Pep Biel from outside the area. A splendid goal that he celebrated in style La Romareda. And it's that never before in this season had the Zaragoza such a peaceful game in its stadium.

El Nástic walked a long half hour adrift, making waters in defense and running after the ball, but woke up in the last minutes of the first half and could have cut distances with a combado shot of the Colombian Luis Suárez, the best long of the visitors, who crashed into the wood. That pretended grana reaction remained in the end in nothing, because Delmás, in excellent personal play, confirmed the 3-0 and the sentence of the Nástic in the minute 40.

In the second part, Enrique Martin decided to play the whole for the all, advancing lines , disguising his defense and dando entry to Kanté and Sadik in search of a quick goal that could put his team in the game, but el Zaragoza endured the initial attack and took advantage of the spaces to counterattack with great danger. Pombo, which Víctor gave him minutes in the second part in an attempt to rehabilitate him, had the fourth goal twice, but this is not the season of the '8' Zaragoza. He has lost the place in the starting line-up and it is not easy to recover him, because Pep Biel and Soro are still taking steps in the right direction.

In this second period, al the clock ran at full speed and although it was never delivered , especially while Luis Suárez was on the field, all his efforts died in Cristian Álvarez, who last night was redeemed from his fatal night in Son Moix.

Víctor Fernández predicted on the eve a victory of Real Zaragoza and his team did not failure. Now the descent is again seven points and with the added advantage of still having to 'play' against Reus.

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