Fear confirmed: Dumoulin will not have Kelderman in the Giro

The Sunweb team made official the loss of Dutch in the first Grand Tour of the year. You must use a collar for five weeks.

Ya is official: Wilco Kelderman will not participate in the next edition of the Tour of Italy. His team, the Sunweb team, made it official this Friday through a statement, which states that the Dutch must wear a collarín during the next five weeks to recover from his fracture in the vertebrae of the neck.

In addition, the Sunweb has claimed that Kelderman has also been successfully operated on the clavicle fracture he suffered as a result of a fall in the Volta to Catalunya. So, before starting the Corsa Rosa (from next May 11), Tom Dumoulin has already suffered its first setback, since it will not have its main gregarious for the decisive stages of the race. It should be recalled that Kelderman had intention to double Grand Vueltas in 2019, running Giro and Tour, with the intention of tucking their leader in both appointments.

Así explained his situation Wilco himself on the website of his team: "I am pleased that the clavicle surgery has gone well, but my neck is more difficult, I have to use a collarín for five more weeks, what is and will be a great challenge.Of course, I am really disappointed that I will lose a great part of my season I hope to be able to compete again later this year, but I do not want to look too far forward at this moment. "

Anko Boelens, Sunweb physician, explained what Kelderman's recovery terms will be:" The Wilco's clavicle healing goes in the right direction after Tuesday's surgery.Next Monday he will have other controls with specialists in the Utrecht spital (UMCU) If the result is positive, then will have to use a cast for at least another five weeks, which unfortunately excludes the participation of the Giro d'Italia. Future predictions will depend on how the recovery, since now he has to take it easy and concentrate on his recovery. " Surely Dumoulin already awaits you with open arms, but on the Tour ...

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