Favorite surprise to the bench of the Lakers: Juwan Howard

As a player, he won with LeBron James two rings at the Miami Heat, where he has served as Spoelstra's assistant since his retirement in 2013.

Y, between a tangle of names with more or less meaning and Luke Walton on the bench and with a contract in force, appears a favorite to be, according to bookmakers, the new coach of Los Angeles Lakers from next season : Juwan Howard.

Howard is ahead of Tyronn Lue, Luke Walton, Tom Thibodeau and Jason Kidd, who are the ones who follow him on the list. He retired in 2013 and since then is assistant to Erik Spoelstra in Miami Heat, where he put an end to his career as a player with dos titles (2012, 2013) won alongside LeBron James, with whom he has a great relationship. That, of course, would be a great point in their favor.

Although what the betting houses say, many experts are still thinking (and since nobody gives a hard for the continuity of Walton) that Tyronn Lue, that besides direct LeBron in his ring with the Cavs won two as a player with the Kobe and Shaquille Lakers, is the main candidate for a bench with many possibilities, of course, but also with enormous pressure, always and more now after the bump that it has been the first season of LeBron in LA

In the team of Spoelstra, Howard (46 years old) works in the area of player development and as defensive coordinator. The Heat, in this section, have been one of the ten best teams in the NBA in the last three seasons. In addition to his relationship with LeBron, he was one of the Fab Five of Michigan, the historic college team in whose rotation was Rob Pelinka, now general manager in the Lakers. As an NBA player, spent 19 years in eight different franchises after being number 5 of the 1994 draft (Washington Bullets). And he was all star in 1996.

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