F1 F1 Grand Prix of Azerbaijan 2019 in Baku

The Finn achieves his second victory of the year, the same as Lewis, and commands the World Championship by a point. Podium of Vettel and Carlos, in front of Norris.

Valster Bottas has achieved victory in the 2019, Grand Prix of the 2019, Grand Prix of the 2019 Formula One World Championship. Bottas has imposed himself in a frantic final against Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, who has not been able to match the speed of the arrows of Silver in no time of the test.

Similarly, Carlos Sainz has finished the race in seventh place, result that allows you to add your first points of the Formula 1 World Championship 2019 after the setbacks suffered in Australia, Bahrain and China.

This is how we live F1 GP of Azerbaijan 2019: Previous live race of the F1 GP of Azerbaijan 2019: live race

The Grand Prize of Azerbaijan 2019 receives Formula 1, fourth race of the season, after a start at Albert Park, Sakhir and Shanghai somewhat shocking. Nobody expected Mercedes to add three doubles in each race after the superiority exhibited by Ferrari during the preseason at the Circuit Barcelona Catalunya.

All the teams have brought new parts to Baku to adapt their cars to the demands of the track of the western coast of Caspian Sea, where a great aerodynamic efficiency is required to be quick in the long straights that make up this route.

Photos from as.com

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