Ewan McGregor: "Electrical technology and FAITH are the future"

The famous 48-year-old Scottish actor was at the ePrix in Rome and praised the event: "In twenty years we will not use fuel, everything will be plugged in".

'Ewan, excuse me, would it be possible to ask you two questions? ' He turns, smiles and politely replies: "Of course, but it's pronounced 'Yuean', I'm Scottish and my name is Gaelic." The 48-year-old actor, famous for roles like that of Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi in the first three episodes of the 'Star Wars' saga, the unforgettable and disturbing Mark Renton in' Trainspotting' or the bohemian Christian in 'Moulin' Rouge 'was the star guest at the ePrix in Rome.

He was a co-pilot of Alejandro Agag, toured the track on board the safety car, visited the pits ... and also greeted everyone who approached him on the grid. exit, took photos, answered the journalists, hallucinated with the passing of the planes of the transalpine military air force while attending the microphone of the Formula E or joked with other compatriots such as Chris Hoy, star of track cycling with 25 medals in World Championships (11 gold) and 7 in Olympic Games (6 gold), or Dario Franchitti, expilot and triple winner of the Indy 500 and now commentator in the electrical contest.

very crazy to see this track appear out of nowhere in the middle of Rome, it is really incredible ", assured about his first impression of the FIA electric contest, to then make clear his love at first sight: " Formula E is the zenith of electrical technology and I also like about other championships that do not spend on superfluous things. For example they do not have tires for rain or dry, they use a single type of compound that is valid for all conditions. In addition everything happens in a day: training, classification, race ... They arrive in a city, they celebrate everything in hours and they leave. The environmental footprint they leave is minimal ".

McGregor, lover of cars and motorcycles, has been making solidarity trips in favor of UNICEF for the world for 15 years, together with the British presenter Charlie Boorman (also present in Rome), at the handlebar powerful motorcycles in two highly recommended documentaries to watch: 'Long Way Round' and 'Long Way Down'. 'Being such a fan of cars and motorcycles, how do you see the arrival of the electric world to the street?'. "I'm fascinated. I have a collection of vintage cars and one of my favorites is a 1954 Beetle, but it frustrates me a lot when a piece breaks, I can not talk to my daughters because it's so noisy and we do not hear each other ... I have a company in San Diego that converts cars with combustion engines into electric cars and also with luxury cars like Ferrari or Porsche. They take off the motor and install an electric one, with Tesla batteries. I wanted to drive an electric car but with the body of an old one, "he says, making it clear that he is committed to the new technology.

And he says:" I have started to try electric bikes and I bought a new electric Harley Davidson, a 'Live Wire ', which is absolutely fascinating. I also ride in other electric vehicles: bicycles, skateboards ... It's a new and really exciting world. And by the way, I am convinced that it is the future. In twenty years we will not use fuel, everything will be plugged in. " Carving star and world recognition and tremendously close in the deal, always with a continuous smile. Fantastic ambassador for Formula E. One more.

Photos from as.com

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