Eusebi Andreu Virgili, founder of Mototrans dies

Eusebi Andreu Virgili died at 91 years of age. A very important man in the world of motorcycling in our country, he was the founder of Mototrans, importing and manufacturing Ducatis.

He died, at 91 years of age, Eusebi Andreu Virgili, a very important man in the world of motorcycling in our country. It was one of the founders of Mototrans, where he was a key player in the import of Ducati motorcycles in Spain and then manufacture them in our country. And it was just as important for Ducati to prevail in the 24 hours of Montjuic, as Virgili understood that the best way to promote a motorcycle was through competition. After his departure from Mototrans in 1965 he returned to the corporation in 1978, until the company had to close in 1984. Throughout its history, Mototrans came to manufacture more than 30 different models of motorcycles.

In the world of Mototrans competition stood out above all in the field of resistance and its names of riders included the names of Ricard Fargas, Benjamín Grau (King of Montjuic with seven victories, six with Ducati), Salvador Cañellas or Josep Maria Mallol. In addition, Virgil It was the man with whom Ángel Nieto signed his first contract, but the Italian brand only had 125cc bikes that Grandson with 15 years can not drive. It is then when it gives to the step to Derbi and its motorcycles of 50cc and begins to form itself like pilot until becoming later in legend.

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