Embarba: "In the penalty Javi Guerra tells me that they grab him"

"Now we have three direct rivals for salvation and more than three points are six, we only think about the nine points that remain and the first opponent is Levante," said the Rayo player.

Adrián Embarba (26 years) went through the microphones of BeIn Sports after the victory of Rayo Vallecano against Real Madrid in Vallecas.

Oportunidad: "This season is costing us, there were four games left and the fans do not give up. moral ".

Penalti:" We have to take responsibility and I only thought of scoring a goal to add the three points ".

Permanencia:" Winning was vital to hook us in. They are a great team. "What differentiated was the need to win. We wanted the ball and we added the three points ".

VAR:" Javi had it clear and told me to grab it, I thought where to throw it and luckily it was a goal ".

Right rivals:" Now we have three rivals direct for salvation and more than three points are six.We only think about the nine points that remain The first rival is the Levante ".

Mario Suárez:" I see myself with the Strip in First "

The 32-year-old midfielder attended the media after the victory of the Strip:" At first I was suspicious of my signing, but since I arrived, they welcomed me with open arms and today's ovation excites me. I will continue working. The costumes are happy. We are still there and we have to go to Levante and win, expecting results. At home, the fans take us in the air, we press ... I see myself with the Strip in First. I think about the permanence and they already know that I will listen to them, but the priority is the future of the Ray. Here nobody surrenders and we will fight until the end. He changed me so they would not take out the second card. "

Javi Guerra:" I'm happy; we will fight as far as we get "

Javi Guerra:" I am very happy after so long without competing and it is rewarding. We have made a great game, now to continue dreaming. The permanence is very difficult, but we have shown that we are still alive and will fight as far as we can. I feel lucky to continue playing in Primera. With the arrival of Paco I am having more options and I am happy. Today I gave everything so that the team had options to win the game. When you do not enter the calls you lose confidence, but I have been training to be available. I have taken out the heart, the gnas, the illusion. I finish contract this year, now the most important thing is what we have left and hopefully we will have life until the last moment. There will already be time to talk about contracts. "

Martin Dam:" Here we have never stopped believing in salvation "

Options to save: " Here you have never stopped believing in salvation. We said that we were going to play these four games at ko. Madrid is a terrible visitor in the last five months, had only lost in Valencia. We have won a tough opponent. The team has given everything they had and I want to make a reference to Javi Guerra, that the team has needed and today he has shown the great player he is, despite not having played almost throughout the year. The penalty has been given to him and all the balls he has fought. It is a great way to get out, being key in the victory to Madrid.

Anniversary of Raúl de Tomás: "We sign contracts and we have to fulfill them.We are very grateful to Madrid because they have left us this player.We tried to negotiate that he could play This match, but nothing happens. "

The penalty kick: " He grabs it and throws it in. We are a strong supporters of the VAR Today he went to see the play and it was seen as a penalty. of the VAR and the referee ".

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