Elosegui wins the Valenciaga attack and Adriá is the leader

Great day for the Lizarte in the Valenciaga Memorial, where he took the victory and third place with the cupbearer leader. Second, Diego Noriega (Froiz).

Iñigo Elosegui (Lizarte), current U23 Spanish champion, has once again demonstrated his enormous talent in one of the most prestigious events on the national amateur calendar, the Valencia Valencia Memorial, the seventh round of the Elite-U23 Spanish Cup, in which has imposed after a portentous attack in the absence of two kilometers to meta.

The 170 kilometers of route that has arranged the organization, in charge of the Cycling Club Eibarrés, returned to deliver an enormous cycling show, with infinity of attacks and a platoon that has run at a great pace throughout the day.

The first hour of the race happened without any unforeseen, with some attempt to escape that did not stop forging given the imposing pace of the peloton. As the meeting progressed continued to produce getaways, quickly thwarted by the main group until, after the 90th kilometer, it forged a cut of some 2022222 units in which two of the main protagonists of the day, Elías Tello and Iván Cobo, would march . Tello (Kuota) and Cobo (Gomur) staged one of the most outstanding getaways of the day, maintaining a hard pulse to the peloton for about 40 kilometers, handling an advantage close to the minute, but that was drastically reduced when passing through Éibar and ending in the Alto de Ixua, in which he would also lose comba with the group of favorites Kiko Galván, 2nd place in the Spanish Cup.

Iván Moreno (Lizarte), Juan Fernando Calle (Caja Rural-Seguros RGA) and Jon Agirre (Baque ) stood out in the Alto de Ixua, being hunted in the final zone by Iñigo Elosegui (Lizarte) and Asier Etxebarria (Goierriko) . The group, however, increased shortly afterwards in the descent before passing through the Alto de San Miguel, with Lizarte and Caja Rural-Seguros RGA commanding with several units.

No cyclist would be able to take advantage of the passage through the Alto de San Miguel. Yes it did it in the descent Asier Etxeberria (Goierriko), hunted for lack of scarce 5 kilometers by an imperial Elosegui, with Eusebio Pascual to his wheel. The group would increase with the arrival of, among others, the leader of the circuit, Roger Adriá (Lizarte). However, Elosegui, who wanted to leave alone and could do so thanks to a sensational attack in the absence of two kilometers that did not get a response from the rest of the riders. He would finish alone Elosegui, with Diego Noriega (Froiz) prevailing in the sprint of the persecuting group and Adriá finishing third, thus staying as leader of the general. "We had planned the race to get to Arrate with strength and from there we knew that the race was going to be played. I went well all day and at the end I wanted to play my tricks to arrive alone, they have doubted and I have been able to leave ", after his victory Elosegui recognized the Cycling Club Eibarrés.

The Valencia Memorial, the seventh round of the Spanish Cup Elite-Sub23, has also been the sixth appointment of the circuit in just 25 days. The next race will take place on May 1 with the LXXXVI Classical Santikutz-GP Bertan.

Photos from as.com
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