Elizegi: "Llorente is not a hot potato for Athletic"

"He knows he made mistakes at the start and the club, possibly, too," he says and slips that "the important thing is that Williams, Raúl García and Kodro score, and continue in this line."

Aitor Elizegi, who will serve 100 days as president of Athletic, is referred to the sports commission headed by Rafa Alkorta the issue of the signings, although it is submerged in some of its main actors. Javi Martínez and Bayern: "Of course it's interesting Javi, who would not like to have him on his team?" If the circumstances were ... It would have to be seen, but the phrases should not be taken out of context. the template, can be allowed and futuro is on the agenda to reinforce and have the best 25 players possible ", the president said.

Fernando Llorente has always commented Elizegi who craves a direct, resounding gesture: " I do not follow in the day to day to Llorente, I know he has a tough tie against the City, he is not a hot potato for the club, he knows he made mistakes at the start and the club possibly also, "he throws and slides" what's important is that Williams, Raul Garcia, Kodro, mark, and continue in this line, if there is no goal then it is when the head comes to reinforce the lead ", he adds in an interview in Cope Bilbao.

D e the third leg, Ander Herrera, who would be close to landing at the PSG, completes the analysis: "No I consider that Ander has problems with Athletic, if he wants or considers that he can play here that road would be smooth, but not I know what your situation is and your trial file in the fall. If you put the heart on the table the relations are much simpler. "

De Joseba Etxeberria, who will be the coach of the subsidiary in June, threw balls out:" Good question for Alkorta ". De Susaeta that" would like to have "in His team Gaizka Garitano is ready, all that is missing is for Athletic to seal salvation mathematically: "Send communication, management, sports matter, when the gap allows us, it will be 10 minutes", says Elizegi.

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