El Pucela deserves more, but Roque Mesa decides

The Canarian player took three minutes to decide the match with a goal from outside the area against Valladolid too innocent.

Three minutes took Roque Mesa in unbalancing the game, three minutes in which the budget, the objectives, the fate of the two rivals in Zorrilla were revealed. A Pucela that suffers, that costs him God and helps to reach the opposite goal and even more correct (he has accumulated 15 days without scoring), and that he is no longer strong, against a Sevilla that knew how to suffer in the first part when the locals dominated , who were able to get ahead of the start of the second and finish the job in the last minutes with the departure of the Canary and the irruption of the very young Bryan. Therefore, some face to face and the descent and the others to the Champions.

In the first part, Real Valladolid came out aware of their need. He was able to put Sevilla in his area and Soriano had work in the first half hour, but without fortune for the locals. With Moi easily entering for his band, the Sevilla squad that plays in Valladolid, took a lot of danger and placed several balls in top positions. This good start had a small incision with a header from Mercado, at the exit of a corner, which crashed into the crossbar. Again above, again with a Masip tucked under the sticks. In the opposing goal Plano and Olivas tried it, but they found Soriano and the stick. Anuar and Keko also failed to beat the Sevillista goal by centimeters in a few minutes in which the field seemed tipped towards that area. All this torrent of play came down with the goal of Ben Yedder, again, to the exit of a corner. Masip did not leave and the franco-Tunisian player scored in the lead. The VAR, nevertheless, annulled the goal by a push in the first decision in favor of Valladolid in terms of annulled goals. The sevillistas adapted better to these minutes and Banega put in difficulties the goalkeeper pucelano with a shot from 40 meters.

The trend was prolonged in the second part. Sevilla came out with a lot of force, while Real Valladolid sank with the fall of Míchel. Ben Yedder missed a death pass under the goal that sent the clouds and Mudo Vazquez nodding off. Sergio reacted quickly and replaced the Valencian midfielder by Waldo, the great hope pucelana, that revolutionized the pucelano game from the left wing. The pacense sent a shot to the square with a great stop of Soriano. Plano also had another chance with a pass from 7 pucelano, but the shot was loose. Then he squeezed the Sevilla, Munir put Masip to the test, Mercado returned to head off, just before Roque Mesa entered the field in the 80th minute. Almost the first ball he touched, he grabbed the ball near the band left, went inside and shot tight to the stick, where the pucelano goalkeeper did not arrive. Roque's law was imposed. Another blow in the last minutes for Pucela, after the suffered in Leganés, who looked for Soriano without luck, overturned, which provoked Bryan's attack on the left that yielded to Munir so that he scored the goal of the sentence in the discount. In this way, the pucelanos already look at the eyes to the descent, while the sevillistas are charged with moral and extend the effect Caparrós.

Sergio: "We lost a final of the eight that we had"

The coach of Real Valladolid, Sergio González, said he feels "able" to redirect the situation of the team, that is on the edge of the precipice of descent, to "achieve the goal of permanence" .

In this regard, he said that is his obligation "to continue working, resetting again and analyzing what happens in detail, because not only lack definition, but there must be something else when occasions are created but games are still lost and points are not added ".

González clarified that he will continue" working to the maximum to get all the qualities to each player " and has" blind confidence "that he will get it, although it is "giving some colleja", but will find again, as happened last year to get the promotion, "hit the key" and ensure permanence.

Regarding the match itself, which ended with that 0-2 favorable to Sevilla, acknowledged that they knew that the rival, for its quality, "would be better in the definition" and praised the work of his team during the first half, although not at the beginning of the second part with which he was "pissed off" . "We had to enter stronger, because we are at home and we are playing a lot, but with the changes the team regained vitality and opportunities were recreated", he analyzed, while he considered that the match "was equal" but "You still do not win and something has to change to get it."

333333In his opinion, Real Valladolid, after overcoming those first fifteen minutes of "pájara", in which they did not find exits with ball or relief actions, after the changes achieved "openings on the outside and inside, controls and possible arrivals" but, the Sevilla, in an isolated action of Roque Mesa, "finished with the party" .

González bet to transmit confidence to its players, because the lack of victories can undermine the morale and that they feel "pressured", hence that he has insisted on the need to grant them that faith and strength in themselves, which seems to "disappear in some phases". -EFE

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